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This is a list of major and minor characters in the Elfquest world, all elves. I do intend to make a list of trolls, humans and possibly even preservers at some point, but that is as and when time permits.
The information here is as far as I know it and to the best of my sources. If you feel there is a blatant mistake somewhere, or if you have a page devoted to one of these characters and it's not listed in his or her bio, feel free to contact me. I won't guarantee to amend or add it, but I'll certainly treat every e-mail with an open mind.
You may notice there are no Wavedancers here. This is because I still know very little of them, so cannot make a good bio on any of them. Again, I might add them sometime in the future.

If you are still looking for a list of Wavedancers, go to Cathy's page. She has a full Who's Who on Wavedancers. If you want to see a list of every single elf, wolf, troll, human and preserver, from the comics as well as the novels, have a look at Dreamwood's Who's Who. Her list is complete, though not as detailed as mine.

Adya Moonshade
Aerth Newstar
Ahdri Nightfall
Aroree One-Eye
Bearclaw Osek
Behtia Pike
Bowki Pool
Brace Prey-Pacer
Brownberry Rahnee the She-Wolf
Buckthorn Rain
Cheipar Rainsong
Chot Rayek
Clearbrook Redlance
Crescent Rillfisher
Cutter Savah
Dart Scouter
Deir Sefra
Dewshine Serrin
Dodia Shale
Door (female) Shenshen
Door (male) Shushen
Dreen Skot
Egg (Aurek) Skywise
Ekuar Strongbow
Ember Suntop
Eyes High Sun Toucher
Foxfur Sust
Freefoot Talmah
Gibra Tanner
Goodtree Teir
Haken Thiro
Hassbet Timmain
Hummer Timmorn Yellow-Eyes
Huntress Skyfire Toorah
Ingen Treestump
Jarrah Two-Spear
Jethel Tyldak
Joyleaf Tyleet
Kahvi Urda
Kalil Vaya
Kaslen Venka
Kimo Vok
Krim Windkin
Kureel Wing
Leetah Winnowill
Longbranch Woodlock
Lord Voll Yif
Maalvi Yun
Mantricker Yurek
Mardu Zey
Mekda Zhantee

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