Tribe: Gliders
Age: Probably around 8,000 years
Gender: Female
Soul name: None
Hair: Light blond, caught in a bun on the back of the head. During her time in Blue Mountain she wore a pointy headdress; during the Shards war she wore her hair loose with two small braids across her forehead holding her hair out of her face.
Eyes: Pale blue
Magic: Levitation
Lovemate: Skywise, though she clings more to him than he to her, and it seems she has had other lovemates during her time with the Wolfriders too.
Relatives: None known
Bond-bird: Littletrill
Status: Immortal, alive
Life history: Aroree used to be one of the Chosen Eight in Blue Mountain. When the Wolfriders arrived there, she took quite a liking to Skywise, which possibly started weaning her away from the Chosen Eight. After Lord Voll's death, when Winnowill truly took over Blue Mountain, she started perceiving staying there as torture, and when she happened upon the Wolfriders in Forbidden Grove Holt, she stole Windkin from them in the hope that Winnowill would accept him in her place, so she could leave.
When Blue Moutain was destroyed, Aroree was initially at a loss, but she met Kahvi, who dragged her to the Sun Village and after that to Thorny Mountain Holt across the Vastdeep Water, where Kahvi hoped to find Rayek and Aroree hoped to see Skywise again. They found neither, as both had gone far into the future, and Aroree stayed with the Wolfriders until the return of the Palace. She also fought in the Shards War to recover the Palace shards, but after that she left with Venka and Two-Edge to search for Kahvi, since Kahvi was likely to be with Tyldak, and Aroree hoped to find the few remaining Gliders in the world.

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