Timmorn Yellow-Eyes
Tribe: Wolfriders
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Soul name: Unrevealed (Timmorn?)
Hair: Red-gold, straight and long. Part of it was tied up in the chief's lock.
Eyes: Yellow (would you have guessed?)
Recognized lifemate: Valloa/Murrel/New Wolf
Relatives: Mother: Timmain, daughter: Rahnee (amongst others)
Status: Mortal, deceased
Life history: Timmorn Yellow-Eyes was the half wolf, half elf son of Timmain the Firstcomer. He was conceived and born after Timmain had changed herself into a wolf to hunt for and feed her tribe, and became a wolf so much that she forgot about being an elf. With her last remaining spark of elf-ness she brought the son she had with her wolf-mate to her original elf tribe when he was a few years old, and there he was named Timmorn, was taught how to speak and send and he eventually became their leader, leading them away from the severe land of white-cold into the forest.
Timmorn was the first and only one to be of completely mixed blood; all those before or after him were either pure-blooded or with one part larger than the other. The fact that he was fully mixed caused a lot of trouble in his mind; he was always both and neither, he could never find the right balance and was by neither elves nor wolves considered to be truly one of them.
Timmorn was on a hunt when he and Valloa recognized, after which Valloa changed her name to Murrel. Murrel later changed her name again to New-Wolf. Timmorn spent a long time with his elf-kin, but eventually he couldn't cope with his duality anymore and left them. It is not known how he died.

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