Door (female)
Tribe: Gliders
Age: Probably around 8000 years
Gender: Female
Soul name: None
Hair: Blonde, straight and hanging to the shoulders. She wore an elaborate headpiece with feathers.
Eyes: Unknown
Magic: Rockshaping
Lifemate: None
Relatives: None known
Status: Immortal, deceased
Life history: Door was one of the rockshapers in Winnowill's service, acting as the door to the world outside Blue Mountain, most particularly the Hoan G'Tay Sho. She was so attuned to Winnowill and the humans' ceremony that she would not function for anyone else, though Strongbow managed to make her perform when he threw all his anger and hatred for Winnowill into his sending.
Door died together with most of the Gliders when Blue Mountain collapsed, though not until after responding to Two-Edge's call and letting out Clearbrook.

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