Tribe: Sun Villagers/Wolfriders
Age: Unknown, but my guess is somewhere between 2000 and 3000 years
Gender: Female
Soul name: Unrevealed
Hair: Light blond, fairly straight and short. Her head was virtually always covered by a hat; leather while still a Wolfrider, woven in her time as a Sun Villager.
Eyes: Violet
Recognized lifemate: Woodlock
Relatives: Half-brother: Pike, daughter: Newstar, sons: Wing and Mender
Wolf-friend: Silvergrace
Status: Mortal, deceased
Life history: If ever there was a true mother among the elves, Rainsong was it. Together with Woodlock, she produced three children within twelve years, something unheard of in Cutter's time, when an elf couple usually produced one cub, or two at most. This child-productivity set the tone for her life: Rainsong was devoted entirely to her children and her life revolved around them.
When the Father Tree Holt burnt down, Rainsong and Woodlock were devastated, but the peace and quiet of Sorrow's End turned out to be exactly what they had wanted all their life, and they never left it again. It was there that Rainsong raised her daughter Newstar and son Wing, both born in Father Tree Holt (though Wing was too young when he arrived in the Sun Village to remember anything else), and where she gave birth to Mender, strangely enough the most Wolfrider-like of them all.
Rainsong was happy in Sorrow's End, and when the Wolfriders in Thorny Mountain Holt across the Vastdeep Water went into wrapsleep, neither she nor Woodlock nor Wing chose to join them. Their lives were full and good, and eventually all three of them died of old age, the rarest of deaths for a Wolfrider.

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