Tribe: Sun Villagers
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Soul name: None
Hair: Black and fairly short. He wears a yellow and orange skull cap.
Eyes: Amber
Recognized lifemate: Jarrah
Relatives: Son: Rayek
Status: Immortal, presumed alive
Life history: Ingen is Rayek's father, although their only resemblance is in their hair and eye colour. Ingen is a true Sun Villager, working his garden and caring for his plants. Rayek was never suited to this life and hunted, and Ingen praised him when he brought back his first kills, realising that Rayek didn't kill for pleasure but out of hunger. When the difficult times for the Sun Village passed and there was grown food aplenty again, the bond between Rayek and his father, which had never been that strong in the first place, diminished even further. Rayek felt contempt for Ingen, as he did for most of the villagers, regarding them as true 'dirt-diggers'. Presumably Ingen is still alive and working his garden, though it is possible he was killed during one of the raids on Sorrow's End.

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