Tribe: Wolfriders, possibly a descendant of the Go-Backs
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Soul name: None(?)
Hair: Black, straight and long, with a braid in front of his right ear and a lock tied together in front of his left ear. The rest is tied up in his neck.
Eyes: Blue-grey
Lovemate: Ember
Relatives: None known
Status: Immortal, alive
Website: Teir's Den
Life history: Teir is a rather mysterious character who has only recently turned up in the Elfquest storyline. He is a loner who rarely speaks of his past, but from what little information he has given it seems that he is possibly of Go-Back origin. Teir himself remembers little of the other elves he used to be with.
Teir was first encountered by Ember's tribe, though not because they found him but because he let himself be found. He had been following them for several days already, without them even noticing someone was there, when he decided to give himself away. He was mistrusted by the Wolfriders at first, but pretty soon almost everyone came to like him, with the exception of Skywise. Teir became especially attached to Ember, with the two of them lovemating.
Teir has the ability to call animals, which seems partly a magical and partly an imitating skill. He seems to have an ability to mimick their aura and manages to pass himself off as one. He taught the skill to Ember with some succes, even though she tried to break the code of 'never kill the trusting ones' the first time she tried.
Teir's ability to call animals made him a hazard to the tribe, as Winnowil's shapechanged creatures were attracted by his presence. In the end, the Master of the Shapechanged demanded Teir be handed over to him, a task for which Dewshine volunteered, and Teir was caught in the middle when Leetah killed the Master, with his magical abilities being burnt out in the process. After all was over, Ember faced him with a choice (over which she had agonised long): either he could stay but without his magic restored, or he could be healed and leave. Teir was rather miffed that Ember couldn't have come up with another solution and chose the last option, but before he left he promised Ember that he would return someday. Teir has kept his promise and has returned to the Wild Hunt, initially competing with Mender for Ember's attention but later lovemating her, with Mender turning to Yun.
When Scouter challenged Ember for the chieftainship and won, Teir remained with his 'Fire-hair' to save and help her.

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