Eyes High
Tribe: Wolfriders
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Soul name: Koei
Hair: Blond, curly and hanging to halfway down the back. She wore a headband with a leather decoration hanging from it in front of her right ear.
Eyes: Blue
Recognized lifemate: Shale
Relatives: Son: Skywise
Status: Mortal, deceased
Life history: Eyes High was Skywise's mother, so called because she was always looking at the sky. Eyes High was a loner, who wasn't planning on letting her life be changed much by her recognition with Shale. Shale, who knew very well what she was like, (as he said so himself: 'You know how it is...Eyes High is Eyes High'), reconciled himself with this by hunting enough to feed her and his unborn cub. Eyes High had built herself a 'nest' in the tip of the highest tree in the forest, in order to give birth to Skywise as close to the sky as possible.
Shale was delighted when she gave him permission to be with her during the birth. This was never to happen, however. Two humans had been observing Eyes High for a while, and attacked the two with stones, knocking Shale out of the tree. He fell down and broke his back, so was unable to flee when the humans came to look for the two youngsters who had found Eyes High. They killed Shale before her eyes, which sent her into labour, and took her with them as a special sacrifice to Gotara. The two youngsters, as her capturers, were left to guard her, but they realised the 'spirit' was pregnant and took pity on her. They stole a raft and tried to escape and Eyes High, realising the two humans were trying to help her this time, finally gave in to the birthing pangs, which she had repressed until then, and gave birth to Skywise. She sent a last call to Bearclaw to watch the river, wrapped Skywise into her leather cloak and let him float away to be found by the tribe. She herself was too weak from bloodloss and died soon after.

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