Tribe: Wolfriders
Age: Unknown, but younger than 500 years
Gender: Male
Soul name: Zash
Hair: Platinum grey, fairly straight and reaching the shoulders
Eyes: Grey-blue
Recognized lifemate: Eyes High
Relatives: Son: Skywise
Status: Mortal, deceased
Life history: Shale was the lifemate of Eyes High. He knew she was a loner, and reconciled himself with this by providing enough food for her and his unborn son while Eyes High was up in her nest which she had built in the top of the highest tree. Shale's biggest wish was to be there when Skywise was born, and he was beside himself with joy when Eyes High said he could if he wanted to. The joy was shortlived, however: two young humans who had been observing Eyes High chose that moment to attack the two elves, and while Shale was trying to get her to safety he was hit by a stone and plummeted down. He broke his back when he hit the ground and Eyes High, who felt his pain, went into labour but fought it back to defend him from the approaching humans. It was no use however, she was too heavy, outnumbered and in too much pain and Shale was killed in front of her eyes, so he never saw his son while alive.

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