Tribe: No tribe
Age: Probably around 10,000 years
Gender: Male
Soul name: None
Hair: None, he is bald. Ekuar usually wore a fur hat against the cold, although in warmer climates he travels bareheaded.
Eyes: Brown
Magic: Rockshaping
Lifemate: None
Relatives: None known
Status: Immortal, alive
Life history: Ekuar is a firstborn of the High Ones and a rockshaper. As a youngster, he and his friends Osek and Mekda, also rockshapers, went to look for the High Ones' Palace and found it, but got captured by the trolls of the Frozen Moutains, who had then already started guarding it. For thousands of years the three were enslaved by the trolls, making tunnels for them and uncovering metal and gems. During Greymung's rebellion, Osek managed to escape through the Tunnel of Golden Light, but Ekuar and Mekda were too weak to escape and continued to suffer from the hands of the trolls. In the course of the years, Ekuar lost one arm, a finger and half a leg because of their tortures. He was eventually found deep in the trolls' caves by Rayek, who had just left the Sun Village after his defeat by Cutter. They have been together since, Rayek giving Ekuar much of his strength back and Ekuar teaching Rayek how to use his magical powers. Rayek is very protective of Ekuar, and it is because the Go-Backs failed to protect him and let him be captured by the trolls again that he caused the rift that separated the Go-Backs from the Palace, disregarding the fact that Ekuar had actually caused his own capture by wandering off to shape faces on the rocks. This is characteristic of Ekuar: he never seems to be completely with it, which is probably an effect of his centuries long treatment by the trolls. He is very gentle and mellow, nothing really bothers him anymore, he has already seen it all. There isn't a single person who can dislike Ekuar, he is simply too loving for that, and although he is fond of everyone he meets, he loves Rayek above all for getting him away from the trolls. In the end, it was probably Ekuar who had the most influence on Rayek's decision not to merge the two Palaces and change history. Although Ekuar told Rayek that he loved him, no matter what, he could not stay in the Palace and live, knowing that so many others of his kind would be erased from existance.
Ekuar played his part in the Shards war by tunneling towards Citadel Mound so Cutter's band could reach it unnoticed, but the strain was too much for the frail elf and he had to be put in wrapstuff to regain his strength again. At the end of the war with Grohmul Djun Ekuar chose to accompany Rayek as he wandered the World of Two Moons and to help him carry the burden of Winnowill's spirit.

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