Tribe: Wolfriders
Age: About 500 years
Gender: Female
Soul name: Sohn
Hair: Reddish gold with large curls, reaching to some way over the shoulders. It predicts severe white-colds by gaining white strands.
Eyes: Green
Lifemates: Scouter (Recognized) and Dewshine
Relatives: Mother: Nightfall, father: Redlance, son: Pool
Wolf-friends: Bundles, Patience
Status: Mortal, alive
Life history: Tyleet is, together with Pike, the only current Wolfrider who was born outside Recognition. She was conceived with the help of Leetah, at the express request of Nightfall and Redlance, who had wanted a cub for a long time. Tyleet didn't actually meet Leetah until she was around five hundred years old, as Leetah was swept into the future together with the Palace shortly after Tyleet was conceived, and thus some two years before she was born.
Tyleet had a very sheltered life, knowing only peace in her first five hundred years. All the Wolfriders loved her like no other, as she and Venka were the only children to grow up in these five hundred years, and as Tyleet herself said, she was 'spoiled beyond hope.'
Tyleet has a reputation for being able to always have things her way. It seems that no one can refuse her anything, something which has gotten her into trouble on several occasions. One of these occasions was when she found a newborn human cub, only hours old, with an odd red patch on his face. She returned him to his parents in the human village, but the next day he was strapped to a tree again, after which Tyleet, not understanding what was wrong with the child, decided she would raise him herself. She had some trouble getting permission from Cutter to take him in, but as said before, Tyleet just won't take no for an answer and got him accepted anyway. She called him Little Patch and raised him like a Wolfrider, brushing aside all the troubles this had, like Patch not being able to send and generally being much noisier than an elf child. He grew up to adolescence, but then he started to discover his own sexuality and found that it wasn't compatible with that of the elves, so he sought out his own kind. He discovered that it was the red mark on his face that got him cast out as a baby, and went about slowly to gain their trust, eventually even becoming their leader and doing Tyleet proud.
The whole affair with Patch gave Tyleet a taste of what it was like to be a mother, something which she had wanted anyway, but wanted even more now. Her wish was finally fulfilled six years after the return of the Palace, when Scouter and Dewshine were reunited with their fellow Wolfriders. Tyleet, who has a knack for socialising with humans, had started learning the human speech from a friendly woodcutter in the forest, figuring that it would help them in the war with Grohmul Djun for the Palace Shards. No one knew she was doing this, and one day while she was with the woodcutter Scouter went out to look for her, found her, thought she was in trouble and 'rescued' her. Tyleet was irritated by Scouters overprotectiveness and ran away from him, jumping through a swollen stream. Scouter followed her, and while Tyleet pulled him up the steep bank on the other side they Recognized each other. I'm sure Dewshine had felt it coming for a few days already, and when Tyleet and Scouter returned after a few days she was the first to congratulate them, being very happy rather than feeling left out, as Scouter had feared. Tyleet and Scouter asked Dewshine to tree with them (a logical solution, considering the long-term lifemating between Scouter and Dewshine), something wich Dewshine gladly accepted.
Tyleet, now pregnant, was being fussed over by Scouter bigtime, as he is want to do, but Tyleet being Tyleet she wasn't going to let herself be babied around and continued her lessons with the woodcutter (though under guard of Scouter). It was during one of these lessons that the woodcutter was being recruited by Grohmul Djun's men to help gather up the last of the Palace Shards, and although Tyleet tried to help him escape, her wolf-friend Patience was severely wounded and the attempt failed. When Tyleet returned to the woodcutter's house a few days later to check up on him, she discovered that he hadn't returned, and wouldn't do so either according to his wife, so Tyleet decided to go and rescue him, as she owed him a lot and considered him a friend. She asked Skywise to help her with this, and of course he couldn't refuse (hey, this is Tyleet, remember?). They managed to find the woodcutter and set him free, but Tyleet was caught in the attempt by the same mercenary who had captured Leetah six years earlier. She befriended the mercenary's daughter, Shuna, almost immediately, and the girl helped her escape, though it meant that she would have to leave her home to escape the wrath of her father. Tyleet escaped with the help of Aroree, who flew to the house where she was kept and took her back to Scouter and Dewshine, who were waiting with Skywise outside the village. Tyleet then promised her lifemates that she would no longer cause them trouble and that she would stay with them until her cub was born.
When Cutter split the tribe in preparation for the war, Tyleet, Scouter and Dewshine went with Ember to find a new holt. They helped fight the shapechanged creatures that Winnowill had created, and when their master demanded that the stranger Teir be brought to him, because he wanted Teir's animal-calling powers, Dewshine offered to bring him and willingly gave her soul name to Tyleet and Scouter before she left, a favour that was returned by the pair.
After the war the three of them went with Ember again, to raise Tyleet's son Pool at Howling Rock Holt.

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