Tribe: Wolfriders/Gliders/Sun Villagers
Age: Around 10,000 years
Gender: Male
Soul name: Unrevealed
Hair: Brown, curly and long, reaching to about the waist.
Eyes: Brown
Magic: Levitation
Lovemate: Ahdri
Relatives: Mother: Dewshine, father: Tyldak
Status: Immortal, alive
Life history: Windkin was the product of the badly matched Recognition between Tyldak and Dewshine. Because of the differences between the two, Windkin grew up without ever knowing his true father, instead accepting Scouter as his father, just as Scouter accepted Windkin as his cub.
Windkin was originally born half a Wolfrider because of his full Wolfrider mother Dewshine, but he lost his wolf blood and became immortal when he was only a year old. From his father he had inherited the ability to float like a Glider, and when Skywise brought Aroree into the holt when she came looking for preservers, Aroree saw the little cub float and snatched him, intending to present him to Winnowill as replacement for herself. Winnowill accepted this trade, but in order to have use of the child, she needed to remove his wolf blood, as his mortality was unacceptable. She was able to do this 'cleansing' because Dewshine, who had originally been there to feed her cub (she had managed to grab Aroree's bond-bird when her cub was abducted), was now hiding within the many rooms of Blue Mountain. She had refused the trade of herself for preservers, offered by her tribe, because she refused to leave Windkin with Winnowill, and figured she could be of more help to her cub if she wasn't captive herself. Without his mother's milk Windkin got hungry, however, and he finally accepted the magically produced milk of Winnowill, which cleansed his blood. After the collapse of Blue Mountain and the fall of Winnowill, Dewshine and Scouter were very sad that their cub had been tampered with, but Windkin was far too young to understand what had happened to him and seemed to be happy anyway, so his parents accepted that he was now technically a full Glider.
When the whole tribe was flown to Sorrow's End in the Palace, Dewshine and Scouter decided to stay there to be able to raise Windkin in peace, and thus ended up separated from most of the rest of the tribe for five hundred years. Windkin, presumably, was raised without trouble and in peace (except for the occasional Go-Back attack). He didn't join his parents in wrapsleep to await the return of the Palace, since his immortality meant that it wasn't necessary. He lifemated with Ahdri and spent his years exploring the world.
When Suntop heard yet another cry from afar, Windkin went to investigate and ended up captured in the Forevergreen. When he eventually returned to Sorrow's End he found it destroyed and Ahdri dead, her spirit merged with the rocks across the Bridge of Destiny.

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