Tribe: Sun Villagers
Age: Probably around 11,000 years
Gender: Female
Soul name: None
Hair: Light brown, curly, hanging to halfway down the back and with a gold headband across her forehead.
Eyes: Amber
Magic: Rockshaping
Lifemate: Windkin
Relatives: None known
Status: Immortal, deceased
Life history: Ahdri was Savah's handmaiden in the Sun Village. She was devoted entirely to her, taking care of her every need. The presence of the Little Palace, given to Savah by Ekuar, brought out her rock-shaping powers and enabled her to create a defense around the village. She was also able to create a greenhouse within the rocks when Smoking Mountain erupted, though she could not save the village itself. Ahdri sacrificed herself in an attack on the Sun Village by humans, fleeing across the Bridge of Destiny with the Little Palace to keep it out of their hands. Her spirit merged into the rocks as she died, and thus she managed to continue shaping it to keep the humans away.

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