Tribe: Sun Villagers/Wolfriders
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Soul name: None
Hair: Brown, straight and short, with a little ponytail at the back.
Eyes: Violet-blue
Magic: Shielding
Lovemate: Probably Venka, possibly Shenshen too
Relatives: None known
Jack-wolf-friend: Slidderback
Status: Immortal, deceased
Website: Zhantee Admiration Page (ZAP)
Life history: Zhantee was a quiet, placid Sun Villager with an enormous crush on Leetah and great admiration for Rayek, until the Wolfriders arrived in Sorrow's End. Or, more precisely, until the Wolfriders left again, as that was when Dart started his training of the Sun Villagers, resulting in the new Jack-wolfriders, to which Zhantee belonged. He kept his admiration for Leetah and Rayek throughout all this, however.
Zhantee went along with Dart to help out the Wolfriders when they were busy trying to break Winnowill's power, and ended up returning to Sorrow's End in the Palace together with all the other Jack-wolfriders as well as the Wolfriders. He was then chosen by Timmain (along with Shenshen) to join the group to investigate the cry for help that Suntop had heard. This meant that he ended up living as a true Wolfrider for five hundred years while the elves awaited the return of the Palace.
Zhantee discovered he had shielding powers shortly after arriving in the new land across the Vastdeep Water, when he shielded Skot and Krim from a falling branch. These powers had been dormant until then, but were awakened through the influence of the Palace. Zhantee's shielding has been of use many times; he saved Cutter and Timmain from humans who were after Timmain's holy pelt, as well as saving Leetah from Winnowill's giant waves when she had finally returned with the Palace. Zhantee's shielding power had its last use during the Shards war: he used it to brace the rubble when the Djun's tower collapsed on top of them. The others were saved, but Cutter and Zhantee were trapped underneath it. Cutter was fine, but Zhantee had used all his power to shield Cutter and had left himself unprotected.
As he was dying, Cutter granted Zhantee's lifelong wish of Recognizing Leetah by lock-sending with him and sharing the moment. Leetah shared the moment as well, even though she was many days away in Howling Rock Holt.

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