Lord Voll
Tribe: Gliders
Age: Around 10,000 years
Gender: Male
Soul name: None
Hair: White, straight and reaching the shoulders. He wore a headpiece made of feathers.
Eyes: Pale blue
Magic: Levitation
Lovemate: Winnowill
Relatives: None known
Bond-bird: Tenspan
Status: Immortal, deceased
Life history: Lord Voll was the leader of the Gliders of Blue Mountain and firstborn of the High Ones. He founded Blue Mountain, attempting to recreate the High Ones' Palace, in which the Gliders only partly succeeded. The Gliders avoided contact with the outside world as much as possible, with only the Chosen Eight ever leaving the Confines of Blue Mountain to hunt for food. The price they payed for this was stagnation: they stopped Recognizing each other and therefore reproducing as well. They remained in this state for centuries on end, which sent Lord Voll in a state of apathy, with Winnowill effectively ruling Blue Mountain. The two originally were lovemates, but they grew apart and understood less and less of each other.
The Wolfriders changed Lord Voll's life, as they seem prone to do. Voll believed there were no more elf children anywhere in the world, and when proven wrong by Ember and Suntop, he revived considerably, suddenly expressing interest in the outside world again. Winnowill didn't like this state of affairs, she wanted the Gliders to stay as they were and to keep them far from the tainting outside world, and to get rid of the Wolfriders she knocked Lord Voll unconscious with a special sending so the road was free for her to do what she wanted. After Winnowill's defeat, Lord Voll was reminded of the existence of the preservers, which also reminded him of the Palace's existence. Getting on to his bond-bird Tenspan, he invited Cutter, Leetah and his children to enjoy a ride on the wind, he himself taking Cutter and Ember and Aroree taking Leetah and Suntop. Instead of just giving them a ride, however, Lord Voll ordered Petalwing to lead them to the Palace, kidnapping Cutter and his family. The Wolfriders followed their chief, despite Cutter's order not to, and so the whole group travelled towards the Frozen Mountains, Lord Voll believing that he was doing this for the good of the Wolfriders, to show them the glory of their ancestral home.
Lord Voll never saw the Palace while alive. Upon reaching the Frozen Mountains, he and Tenspan were killed together by a bolt shot from a giant crossbow.

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