Tribe: Go-Backs/Wolfriders
Age: Probably about 600 years
Gender: Male
Soul name: None
Hair: Dark brown and straight. Initially it was fairly short, but he later let it grow to quite a long way down his back.
Eyes: Brown
Lifemates: Krim and Pike
Relatives: Possible sons: Cheipar and Sust
Status: Immortal, deceased
Life history: Skot used to be a Go-Back, but after the elf-troll war in the Frozen Mountains he and Krim chose to follow the Wolfriders and started their three-mating with Pike. Skot lived by the day, like a true Go-Back, never caring about what would happen tomorrow and quite often not remembering what happened yesterday. His biggest enjoyment was a good fight, and he probably spent many days together with Pike and Krim enjoying a friendly fight.
The three lifemates were chosen as part of the crew for the quest to locate the elves who had sent out the cry for help that Suntop had heard. This was much to Skot's delight, as anything which might promise a fight was something he wouldn't want to be left out of. In the end it meant spending five hundred years in Thorny Mountain Holt, in which time he might have fathered Krim's son Cheipar, though this will never become sure.
After the Palace had returned and was subsequently destroyed, Skot and Krim joined Cutter's half of the tribe to fight the Shards war, while Pike went with Ember to find a new Holt and guard the Way. Skot happily went along, of course, but it did mean that he never saw Pike again (at least not while alive). Skot and Krim had considered themselves far too long-lived for Go-Backs, and Skot made a remark to the effect of this, saying that it was about time he died. To be honest, Cutter's tribe wasn't exactly the right tribe to join if you don't want to live too long: in all the time Cutter was chief up to the Shards war, One-Eye was the only member of his tribe to die. Skot got what he wished for, however. Cutter's band had to ender Grohmul Djun's citadel across a drawbridge. Most of the elves had reached it already, but Clearbrook and Treestump were the last to cross. They were faced with a pack of peace hounds, creatures which Winnowill had created through flesh-shaping. In order to save the two Wolfrider elders, Skot made a suicide run (after stunning Krim so she wouldn't join him in death) and died a glorious death that any Go-Back would be proud of. Also, his bond with Pike was strong enough for Pike to feel that his lifemate had died, which made him disregard all safety and build a large bonfire to dance around in true Go-Back fashion; the only worthy thing to do for his lifemate.
Just as Skot might have fathered Cheipar, he also might have fathered Krim's second son Sust. As he was conceived only shortly before the Shards war however, Skot never even knew that Krim was pregnant.

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