Tribe: Wolfriders
Age: Probably around 700 years
Gender: Male
Soul name: Unrevealed
Hair: Ruddy red, straight and fairly short. The two locks in front of his ears are tied up. Being a Wolfrider of over 500 years, he has developed face-fur, in the form of a beard all around his jaws, going up slightly around the mouth.
Eyes: Dreamberry purple
Lifemates: Krim and Skot
Relatives: Father: Rain, (half?)sister: Rainsong, possible sons: Cheipar and Sust
Wolf-friend: Hotburr
Status: Mortal, alive
Life history: Pike was, until Tyleet, the only Wolfrider not naturally born as a result of Recognition, being Rain's first experiment in 'forced' recognition. He has always been very uncomplicated, Pike's life revolves around guzzling dreamberries, letting other people do the thinking, enjoying himself as much as possible and guzzling some more dreamberries. This dreamberry-preference helps him in his task as Howlkeeper, the storyteller of the tribe, for which he was trained by Longbranch while the latter was still alive.
Throughout his life, Pike has always gone with the flow. He settled quite happily in Sorrow's End (though he'd probably have had a lot more problems with living there if he hadn't taken some dreamberry seeds along), taking a liking to Shenshen especially, but left again just as happily to see some action again. He caused some minor problems in Blue Mountain, first by accidentally setting Cutter alight, then by intoxicating Egg, but as usual he wasn't really bothered about it. Pike does something, then forgets it again.
At the Go-Backs he first found a kindred spirit in Kahvi's daughter Vaya and was quite devastated when she was captured and killed. After the war for the Palace he formed a three-mating with the Go-Backs Krim and Skot, who had decided to go with Cutter rather than stay in the Frozen Mountains. Pike probably feels quite close to the Go-Backs because their lifestyle reflects his own: live for the day and never shun a good fight.
During the five hundred years that the Wolfriders spent waiting for the return for the palace, the three lifemates were joined by Shenshen, essentially making it a (temporary) four-mating. Pike might have fathered Krim's son Cheipar in that time, though it could just as well have been Skot. Seeing as Cheipar died while still an infant, this will never become clear.
When Cutter split the tribe for the war with Grohmul Djun for the Palace Shards, Ember chose Pike as one of her followers, thus separating him from his lifemates, who went to fight with Cutter. This meant that he never saw Skot again in his life: Skot died while defending Clearbrook and Treestump, and Krim would have followed him if he had not stunned her. Pike felt that his lifemate had died only moments after it happened, and honoured him in a truly Go-Back way by lighting a bonfire and dancing around it, even though Ember's tribe was still unfamiliar with their surroundings and it could have endangered them. He was truly devastated over Skot's death, though Krim helped him a bit in getting over it by announcing she was pregnant. Her son is Sust, and just like with Cheipar it is unclear whether Pike or Skot is the father, though in raising Sust Pike will obviously be the only father. After the war with Grohmul Djun Pike and Krim decided to follow Ember back to Howling Rock Holt.

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