Tribe: Wolfriders
Age: 500 to 600 years
Gender: Male
Soul name: Dyrr
Hair: Dark reddish brown, basically falling to just over the shoulders, but very springy. Also wears a headband. Being a Wolfrider of over 500 years old, he has face fur which manifests itself as thick, shaggy sideburns.
Eyes: Brown
Lifemates: Serrin (Recognized), Shushen, though it's not certain whether Shushen was Dart's lifemate or soul mate. Possibly Kimo.
Relatives: Mother: Moonshade, father: Strongbow, sister: Crescent, son: Bowki
Status: Mortal, alive
Website: Dart Admirers and Groupies (DAAG)
Life history: Dart is the second child of Strongbow and Moonshade, born after the death of his sister Crescent. He was born in Father Tree Holt, but arrived in Sorrow's End as a child of about eight years old. Since he was so young when he arrived there, Dart saw the Sun Village as his home, though he was ever willing to help his parents' tribe out if need be. Dart chose to remain in Sorrow's End when most of the other Wolfriders went away to find Cutter, his reason being that the villagers needed someone to teach them how to hunt and defend themselves. Though Strongbow and Moonshade did not approve of his decision, they respected it and were convinced that he would do well.
Dart's decision meant that he has spent most of his life away from his parents. During the siege at Blue Mountain, Dart went there to help the Wolfriders, bringing along his own new Jackwolf Riders, and arrived just in time to prevent humans from destroying the new holt in the Forbidden Grove.
Dart played a big part in the battle with the Go-Backs for the Little Palace, and it turned him bitter and gloomy, mainly because of the death of his soul-brother (and lovemate?) Shushen. He eventually chose to go into wrapsleep in the hope of regaining some of the love for life that he lost with the Go-Back war. He was frequently woken up, however, as the Sun Villagers had come to depend on him very much. He was also in wrapsleep when he recognized Serrin, the daughter of Wing and Behtia. Together they produced their son Bowki, who managed to mellow Dart out a bit again. Dart stayed with Serrin and Bowki until Bowki was a young adult, then he went back into wrapsleep, leaving Serrin with her lifemate Talmah.
Dart was woken up again when the Palace returned, though he could not see his family again, because Rayek couldn't fly it anymore. He led a rescue mission to the Forevergreen to recover Windkin, who had answered Door's call. They were picked up by the Palace after their adventures there, and Dart decided to join Cutter's part of the tribe in rebuilding Father Tree Holt because he was, as he said, 'ready to be a Wolfrider again.'

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