Tribe: Wolfriders
Age: Around 1000 years
Gender: Female
Soul name: Unrevealed
Hair: Silver, straight and very long, hanging down to at least the knees in one single braid. After One-Eye's death she cut it short and kept it out of her face with a leather strap around her head. During her years in Thorny Mountain Holt it grew back to its original length and she returned to her previous hairstyle, but kept the headband.
Eyes: Blue
Lifemates: One-Eye (Recognized), Treestump
Relatives: Son: Scouter, plus an unnamed daughter, dead before Scouter's birth
Wolf-friends: Clicktooth, Mosspelt, Whitebrow
Status: Mortal, alive
Life history: Clearbrook is the eldest living female Wolfrider. She is calm and thoughtful and ready to defend her tribe and her loved ones with all she can give. She was not always like this, however. Losing her recognized lifemate, One-Eye, in the first fight with the trolls of the Frozen Moutains turned her into a frenzied warrior, determined on killing any troll in her path and not caring whether she died in the process. This effect is often seen when a Recognized mate dies; the survivor almost goes crazy with grief. Things got better when she discovered One-Eye's body in Two-Edge's armour room, and there was even brief hope that he might come back to her when Leetah managed to heal his body. However, he chose to remain in spirit form rather than going back into his body. It took Clearbrook three years to come to terms with this, and to understand that he would always be with her in spirit, after which the road was free for her to start anew with Treestump, who knew the pain that the loss of a lifemate can bring.
Clearbrook fought alongside Treestump in the Shards war, two two of them being the first to kill some of Winnowill's peace hounds. After the war they remained with Cutter's part of the tribe and returned to the site of the Father Tree Holt to make a new holt there.

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