Tribe: Sun Villagers
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Soul name: None
Hair: Silver and short. She virtually always wore a violet hood.
Eyes: Violet
Recognized lifemate: Ingen
Relatives: Son: Rayek
Status: Immortal, presumed alive
Life history: Jarrah is Rayek's mother, though there are even less similarities between them than between Rayek and his father Ingen. Like Ingen, Jarrah is a farmer, working her garden and tending her plants. She also praised Rayek for helping to bring in food in his own way, but as he grew up the bond between them grew less and less strong, until he came to regard his parents like any other person in Sorrow's End. Like Ingen, Jarrah is probably still alive, though she could have been killed during one of the attacks on Sorrow's End.

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