Tribe: Sun Villagers
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Soul name: Unrevealed
Hair: Black, straight and about shoulderlong, all gathered up in a high ponytail. He also has a large quiff and a blue headband.
Eyes: Violet
Lovemate: Dart(?)
Relatives: Mother: Newstar
Status: Mortal, alive
Life history: Kimo was born out of regognition between Newstar and an unnamed Sun Villager, who died in the Go-Back attack. Kimo himself was critically wounded and could not be healed by Mender, so he went into wrapsleep together with all the other Sun Villagers and Go-Backs who couldn't be healed, in order to wait for Leetah's return.
After the return of the Palace, Kimo went along with Dart to rescue Windkin from the Forevergreen.

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