Tribe: Go-Backs/Wolfriders
Age: Probably around 600 years
Gender: Female
Soul name: None
Hair: Blond, straight and short, swept up and held in place with a dark blue (later gold) headband.
Eyes: Blue-green
Lifemates: Skot and Pike
Relatives: Sons: Cheipar and Sust
Status: Immortal, alive
Life history: Krim started off as a Go-Back, but after the war for the Palace she and Skot chose to follow Cutter and formed a three-mating with Pike. Krim is a true Go-Back in character: tough, no-nonsense and willing to settle anything with a good fight. It was Krim who offered to kill Rayek if he still refused to listen to Cutter where taking the Palace into the future was regarded. She never had the chance to, of course, since Rayek did it anyway without warning, and Krim joined the other Wolfriders in their five-hundred-year wait and after that in wrapsleep. During the five hundred waking years, Krim gave birth to a son called Cheipar, but he died while still a cubling, too weak to survive the harsh winter.
Krim joined the war against Grohmul Djun for the Palace shards, glad to have some action again and sharing Skot's belief that, for Go-Backs, they had been alive for too long anyway. It is often said that you should be careful what you wish for: Skot died while defending Clearbrook and Treestump, and it was only because he stunned Krim that she didn't join him. Knowing he was dead she wouldn't have minded though, and when she was critically wounded she initially refused Mender's healing as she wanted to join her lifemate. It was only when Mender told her she was pregnant that she fought to live again. Pike was with Ember at Howling Rock Holt at the time, and though he had felt his lifemate's death, he didn't learn of his other lifemate's pregnancy until she laconically told him that she had brought something home from the war for him.
Pike and Krim joined Ember after the war for the Palace Shards to clear Junsland of shapechanged creatures, and there they are raising their son Sust, who looks like Pike but has the attitude of a Go-Back.

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