Tribe: Go-Backs
Age: Around 12,000 to 13,000 years
Gender: Female
Soul name: None(?)
Hair: Dark brown, straight and hanging to about halfway down the back. Two braids in front of each ear frame her face.
Eyes: Green
Lovmates: Rayek, Cutter on occasion, Tyldak
Relatives: Father: Two-Spear, daughters: Vaya and Venka
Status: Presumed immortal, presumed alive
Website: Cave of Kahvi
Life history: Kahvi was only recently revealed to be the daughter of the Wolfrider chief Two-Spear. The two of them didn't get along at all, and in the end Kahvi challenged him for the leadership. Two-Spear won and critically wounded her. She fell into a magic pool where she was preserved for a long time and slowly healed. Hundreds of years later she was found by what remained of Two-Spear's tribe and revived, but she didn't remember anything of her former life. One of the elves who found her had recognised her as being Two-Spear's daughter and made her into the chief that she should have been, and the Go-Backs were founded.
Kahvi's tribe spent many years living and fighting, until they began to feel the pull of the Palace. This started the long war with the trolls of the Frozen Mountains, which was finally resolved when Cutter's Wolfrider tribe arrived and he and Kahvi agreed to join forces against the trolls. The trolls were defeated, king Guttlekraw killed and the Go-Backs established a new lodge, on the other side of the Frozen Mountains this time, but Kahvi's daughter Vaya was also killed during this war. They didn't stay in the new lodge very long: only three turns of the seasons. During this time Rayek had been with them, as he had been ever since he arrived a couple of years before the Wolfriders, but he left when confronted with Kahvi's heartlessness concerning the child which could have been his: she told him it had died, that it wasn't his and that he should 'should stop fussing like a fool'. Angered and insulted, Rayek left for Blue Mountain. Kahvi had lied, however, the child was still alive and was indeed his; she just didn't want him to be involved in raising her.
Rayek returned several days later to find his friend and tutor Ekuar captured by the trolls, when he had left him in Kahvi's care. Angered beyond reason and charged with the power of the spirits of all the Gliders of Blue Mountain he caused the lodge to cave in, trapping Urda, who was inside, the child and Kahvi, who had run inside to save her daughter. The other Go-Backs were separated from their chief and the Palace by a great rift that Rayek cut into the earth. Rayek left with the Palace shortly after that, all the spirits of the Gliders having restored it to its former glory.
As soon as she had recovered, Kahvi went after Rayek to get her revenge. On her way she bumped into Aroree and persuaded her to come with her, mainly because Aroree had 'a whopping big bird' that could fly them anywhere. They went to the Sun Village first, to find that Rayek had been there, but had left again and gone across the Vastdeep Water. Kahvi and Aroree kept following his trail, but when they arrived in the new land, together with Tyldak, whom they had picked up along the way, they found only the Wolfriders, as Rayek had disappeared into the future with the Palace.
Kahvi stayed with the Wolfriders for a number of years and watched her daughter Venka grow up, but she missed being chief and couldn't (or wouldn't) abide by Cutter's law of keeping quiet to avoid any possible contact with the humans. Eventually she left together with Tyldak to try and find a way back to her own tribe, after asking Venka to teach Rayek a lesson when he finally returned. Kahvi and Tyldak found the Go-Backs, but they had changed; to Kahvi they seemed to have lost something, though she couldn't pinpoint what it was. Determined to bring the tribe back to its old glory, she went on a quest to steal the Little Palace from the Sun Village, as that was the only thing that was left of the Palace. She was accompanied by Tyldak, Skywise's daughter Yun and Chot, the best friend of Zey, who had been chief in Kahvi's absence. They had stopped at the remnants of Blue Mountain to get themselves great hawks to ride on. They managed to get hold of the Little Palace, but Chot then attacked Kahvi, according to the plan he and Zey had worked out so as not to lose their influence. Kahvi would have plummeted to her death, had not Tyldak grabbed her, thus slowing down her fall. They were captured by the Sun Folk and Savah offered the Go-Backs a place in the village if they truly wanted to be near the Little Palace. This, incidentally, had been returned by Yun, who realised that what they were doing was wrong. Kahvi refused and demanded half of the Palace instead, which was angrily refused by Dart, who said she might as well cut his head in half. Kahvi then attempted to attack Savah, but was stopped by Tyldak, who had sworn to protect her at any cost, even from herself if need be. They were wrapped in wrapstuff to cool off, and Yun decided to stay in Sorrow's End.
Years later Smoking Mountain erupted and the Go-Backs returned to steal the Little Palace again, and a total bloodshed ensued. Yun released Kahvi, hoping she would help her help out the panicked Sun Villagers, but Kahvi still only thought of stealing the Palace. Only when she saw the Go-Backs fight the Sun Villagers did she realise that this was a disgrace rather than honour, and relinquished her claim on the Palace.
Kahvi still wanted the Go-Backs to return to their former glory, however, and went on to seek some precious artifact at the remnants of Blue Mountain. There she found Aurek, formerly known as Egg, learned about her Wolfrider origins and proceeded to steal Aurek's new and smaller version of the original Egg of Six Spheres that had been at Blue Mountain. She brought it back to the Go-Backs, but Tyldak disapproved of her actions, stole the Egg back and returned it to Aurek, which made Kahvi turn on Tyldak. After this second failure, Kahvi tried to think of another thing that the Go-Backs could really call their own, and thinking of her Wolfrider heritage she thought up a plan to conceive a child with the Wolfrider chief: Cutter. In order to do that she returned to Thorny Mountain Holt, but found that all the Wolfriders had gone into wrapsleep. Not set back by this, Kahvi got one of the trolls to help her to steal what she thought was Cutter's cocoon, but which turned out to be Nightfall. Kahvi told Nightfall about her Wolfrider past and her plan of conceiving a cub, which outraged Nightfall. They fought and Nightfall won, telling Kahvi that children were not trophies and that she would never get a cub out of Cutter. On her way back to her tribe, Kahvi finally got to terms with herself and her heritage, realising that the Go-Backs didn't need a trophy after all, but that it was enough to be a warrior tribe that was a match for anyone.
As can be gathered, Kahvi is a hot-tempered woman, incredibly determined and stubborn, always wanting things her own way. Kahvi sees anything and anyone as either something she can use, or something that can be ignored. Though perceived as cold-hearted, she can love and even cried for her daughter Vaya after she had died. Kahvi lives and breathes for her tribe and for fighting. Anything she does is in the tribe's interest (or at least it is in her mind), and no one could be more devoted than her. Kahvi's current whereabouts are unknown, she is being sought by her daughter Venka, who is accompanied by Two-Edge, Aroree and the remainder of the Go-Backs.

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