Tribe: Sun Villagers
Age: Probably about 800 to 900 years
Gender: Female
Soul name: None
Hair: Dark auburn, curly and hanging to halfway down the back. She wears a gold crescent on her forehead and has two ponytails on either side of her head.
Eyes: Greeen
Lovemates: Pike, Zhantee, Skot
Relatives: Mother: Toorah, father: Sun Toucher, sister: Leetah
Status: Immortal, alive
Life history: Shenshen is Leetah's younger sister, though as a result of the time warp with the Palace she is now actually several hundred years older than Leetah. Shenshen is a bubbly, optimistic girl who enjoys life to the full and is always proud to display her midwife skills, though with the low childbirth rate of the elves this is rare. Shenshen has always looked at things with a light heart and she was probably one of the first to take sides against Rayek when Cutter and Leetah recognized, trying to prod Leetah in the right direction with seemingly careless remarks.
Shenshen has spent a large part of her life in Sorrow's End, but when the Palace arrived there and was about to set off on a quest to locate the source of the cry for help Suntop had heard, in order to help the unknown elves, she was chosen to go along. This meant that Shenshen eventually spent five hundred years with the Wolfriders in Thorny Mountain Holt, during which she shared a den with Pike, Krim and Skot for a while at least. After the Palace's return Shenshen returned to Sorrow's End and stayed there.
Shenshen was shown in Dreamtime to suffer from sibling rivalry, wondering in her dream when she would finally outshine Leetah, but despite feeling like this she loves her sister dearly. She went along with Dart's band to the Forevergreen to keep an eye on Suntop, claiming that she had to make certain her sister's child wouldn't come to harm. After the adventures in the Forevergreen she returned to the Palace, where she (presumably) now resides with the remaining Sun Villagers until they can find a new home for themselves.

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