Door (male)
Tribe: Gliders
Age: Probably around 18,000 years
Gender: Male
Soul name: None
Hair: Unknown, he wore a headpiece that covered his entire scalp.
Eyes: Unknown
Magic: Rockshaping
Recognized mate: Dodia
Relatives: An unnamed son
Status: Immortal, deceased
Life history: This Door was Winnowill's personal door, opening the entrance to her private quarters. When Blue Mountain collapsed, he was rescued by Cutter, both because Cutter couldn't leave an elf to die if he could prevent it, and also because Door helped him fight his way through the crazily shaped layers of rock and reach the outer shell. Door was taken by the Hoan G'Tay Sho as a living relic, and stayed with them when they relocated to the Forevergreen, where he remained for thousands of years in the same lethargic state he had been in while in Blue Mountain.
Shortly after Windkin arrived in the Forevergreen, Door awoke from his stupor and took charge of the tribe of humans that had set up their cult around him. His mind was sick and twisted after all those thousands of years in Winnowill's servitude, and he committed all sorts of atrocities. When Dart's band arrived to rescue Windkin, Door Recognized Dodia, and she eventually killed him to protect their unnamed son.

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