Huntress Skyfire
Tribe: Wolfriders
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Soul name: Unrevealed
Hair: Red, straight and hanging to just over her shoulders. Part of it was tied in the chief's lock and she wore a black, fairly elaborate headband.
Eyes: Green
Recognized lifemate: Dreamsinger
Relatives: Mother: Wreath, father: Prey-Pacer, half-brother: Two-Spear, son: Freefoot
Status: Mortal, deceased
Life history: Huntress Skyfire was the fifth chief of the Wolfriders. Just like Two-Spear, she was the child of Prey-Pacer, though no one knew this for a long while. Skyfire and Two-Spear were close to hating each other's guts, being especially at odds where humans were concerned. Two-Spear believed that they needed to be eradicated, Skyfire regarded leaving the vicinity of the humans as the only option to live a safe life, because she knew the elves could never win from the much more numerous humans. In the end she challenged Two-Spear for the leadership and was defeated by him, and Two-Spear cut off the tip of her ear to remind her he had won. After that he left with his followers. The remainder of the tribe was now led by Huntress Skyfire.
Huntress Skyfire was the 'inventor' of what is known to the Wolfriders as 'The Way'; the code that conducts their way of life. It encompasses living as one with nature, killing only what you need and living in the Now of Wolf Thought, which means never thinking far back or ahead but living for the day. Skyfire was a hot-tempered woman, passionate in all her pursuings, and her character seems to be echoed by Ember. It is unknown how Skyfire died.

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