Tribe: Wolfriders
Age: Close to 500 years
Gender: Male
Previous name: Woodhue
Soul name: Sur
Hair: Brown, straight and shoulderlong. He wore a long, green hat with a tassle at the tip most of the time.
Eye: Brown
Recognized lifemate: Clearbrook
Relatives: (Half?)brother: Longbranch, son: Scouter
Wolf-friends: Nestrobber, Smoketreader
Status: Mortal, deceased
Website: The Definitive One-Eye Website
Life history: One-Eye was a Wolfrider Elder and Clearbrook's Recognized lifemate, siring Scouter with her. It is unknown whether he was also the father of her unnamed daughter. One-Eye was a true Wolfrider, never questioning the Way and always loyal to his chief. He was originally called Woodhue, but changed his name as a proud reminder of how he survived capture by Humans, who were the ones to put out his right eye with a stake. He was devoted to both his lifemate and his cub and would do anything to save them.
One-Eye was one of the Wolfriders who never really fit into the Sun Folk's way of life, and he gladly went with Leetah and the other Wolfriders to save his chief. When the Wolfriders were abducted by the Chosen Eight, he hung on to Clearbrook's legs when she was grabbed by a giant hawk, but their combined weight made it fly too low and he crash-landed in a treetop. He kept vigil at the foot of Blue Mountain, confusing the Hoan-G'tay-Sho with his presence, until he was joined by Cutter, Leetah, Nightfall, Redlance and the twins, and together they went into Blue Mountain to rescue the Wolfriders.
One-Eye met his death in the Wolfriders' first encounter with the Frozen Mountain trolls. The tribe tried to escape, but Scouter's wolf was seized by one of the trolls, who went on to hurt Scouter himself. One-Eye was enraged at this and returned to fight together with the rest of the tribe, because if one can't escape, no one can, but his impaired vision on his right side meant that he didn't see the killing blow from a club coming.
This wasn't the end of it, however. He was far enough gone not to be able to answer Clearbrook's desperate sendings, but still not completely dead when Petalwing sealed him into wrapstuff, thinking that that was what Clearbrook had attempted to do by leaving behind her long braid. Seeing as wrapstuff seals objects outside of time, this trapped his spirit on the point of leaving, something which Leetah sensed when the elves found his body in Two-Edge's armour-room. She tried to heal him, but he had been trapped on the brink of death for too long and grabbed the first chance he could to finally escape. Leetah stubbornly refused to give up, however, and managed to heal his body anyway, though it was now no more than an empty shell. Clearbrook hoped that he would someday reclaim his body and had it sealed into wrapstuff again, but after three years she understood that he didn't want to and had mellowed enough to have peace with it, realising that One-Eye's spirit would always be with her.

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