Tribe: Wolfriders
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Soul name: Neme
Hair: Blond, slightly wavy and hanging to the shoulders. Part of it was tied into the chief's lock and she usually wore a strand of ivy in it.
Eyes: Green
Magic: Plantshaping
Lifemates: Lionleaper (Recognized) and Acorn
Relatives: Mother: Stormlight, father: Tanner, son: Mantricker
Status: Mortal, deceased
Life history: Goodtree was the eigth chief of the Wolfriders and a treeshaper. When her father Tanner died, Goodtree had not yet found her soul name, which made her refuse the chieftainship. She went on a Spirit Quest in order to find it, and only after she did was she able to become chief. On the quest she also found her magic ability and the trees that she later shaped into the Father Tree Holt, where the Wolfriders lived until it was destroyed by the fire which the humans lit in Cutter's time.
Goodtree was lovemate to both Lionleaper and Acorn, and though the two initially didn't care much for each other, over time a harmony grew between them. This was upset again, however, when Goodtree and Lionleaper recognized each other. They fought it both, so as not to upset Acorn, but in the end it was Acorn himself who urged them to give in. It is unknown how Goodtree died.

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