Tribe: Wolfriders
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Previous name: Prunepit
Soul name: Owm
Hair: Brown, slightly scruffy and reaching the shoulders. Part of it was tied up in the chief's lock.
Eyes: Unknown
Lifemate: Softfoot (although he Recognized Wreath)
Relatives: Mother: Rahnee the She-Wolf, father: Zarhan Fastfire, daughter: Huntress Skyfire, son: Two-Spear
Status: Mortal, deceased
Life history: Prey-Pacer was the third chief of the Wolfriders and the youngest of Rahnee and Zarhan's children. He was originally called Prunepit, after the missiles he used in his sling, and he had little status in the tribe because of his inability to send 'properly' to other elves. The messages he sent and received often made little or no sense through distortion, and his telepathic abilities were much more suited to communication with animals. He had the ability to mentally connect two animals, which made him an excellent hunter, as he could connect the mind of his chosen prey with his wolf-friend, who could then easily catch the animal because he could anticipate the animal's moves.
Prunepit's life changed dramatically when his mother Rahnee was killed by allos, very large and extremely vicious reptiles. The tribe was left without a chief while at the same time being severely threatened by the large amount of allos who were approaching them. It was decided that whoever found a way of defeating the allo's would be chief. Prunepit thought that his ability to communicate with animals might be a good weapon, although he didn't think he was cut out to be chief. He talked the plan over with his lifemate Softfoot, who decided to help him test the plan.
While making their preparations, the pair was approached by Wreath, an extremely beautiful but very cold-hearted elf, who had come to see what they were up to. To the shock of all three of them, Prunepit and Wreath suddenly Recognized each other, and although Softfoot was devastated by the fact that it wasn't herself, who dearly loved Prunepit, who Recognized him, she encouraged the two to get it over with as soon as possible and keep it a secret. Because of this it wasn't until years and years afterward that people knew that Skyfire, Wreath's daughter, was their chief's daughter as well.
Prunepit's plan worked: he could succesfully connect the minds of the allos with those of the Wolfriders' wolves, although they had to devise a different way of fighting them, because their hides turned out to be too tough to be pierced by the elves' weapons. In the end they managed to slowly drive the allos back by shooting burning arrows into the throats of the allos, thus killing them. With some prodding from Wreath Prunepit assumed leadership of the tribe and changed his name to Prey-Pacer. He admitted to the tribe that he had never thought of himself as leader-material and would never make an important decision without consulting his tribe first. He sired his son Two-Spear by Softfoot. It is not known how Prey-Pacer died.

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