Tribe: Wolfriders
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Previous name: Swift-Spear
Soul name: Marr
Hair: Light brown, straight and short. Part of it was tied up in the chief's lock.
Eyes: Brown
Lifemate: Willowgreen
Relatives: Mother: Softfoot, father: Prey-Pacer, half-sister: Huntress Skyfire, daughter: Kahvi
Status: Mortal, deceased
Life history: Two-Spear was the fourth chief of the Wolfriders, being the son of Prey-Pacer and his lifemate Softfoot. He was originally called Swift-Spear, but changed his name when his wolf-friend Blackmane was killed by humans, swearing revenge and now carrying a second spear which he had taken from a human he had killed.
Two-Spear might have been a normal, though maybe somewhat hot-tempered elf, but the death of Blackmane changed his entire attitude and he became consumed with hatred of humans. His dream was to kill all humans so the Wolfriders could stay where they were and live as they wanted, which caused the major argument between him and his half-sister Skyfire that eventually led to her challenging him and losing. Two-Spear then left with all members of the tribe that chose to follow him, leaving Skyfire to lead the remainder. Two-Spears irrationality meant that he was remembered by later generations of Wolfriders mostly through the exclamation 'Two-Spear's madness!'
I don't know how Two-Spear died, though I wouldn't be surprised if he got himself killed by humans in the end.

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