Tribe: Firstcomers
Age: Several million years, give or take a few
Gender: Female
Soul name: None(?)
Hair: Silver, straight and incredibly long. As a wolf she can have any colour she likes, though she tends to choose white or light grey.
Eyes: Green
Magic: Self-shaping
Lifemate: Technically none, though she had a special bond with Adya, bore one of the other Firstcomers a child and had a wolf mate for a long time.
Relatives: Son: Timmorn Yellow-Eyes. Timmain is the mother of all Wolfriders.
Status: Immortal, alive
Life history: Timmain is the only Firstcomer left alive. She originally was a member of the Circle of Nine, with her purpose being to remember everything. When the Palace crashed on the World of Two Moons, Timmain's close friend Adya was the first who was killed. Overtaken by grief, Timmain sought a way to express it and found it in the howling of the wolves, in which she joined them. This was probably the start of the unique bond between Timmain and the wolves, as well as with the strange world the Firstcomers had ended up on. Although this world drained her powers as well, she retained more of them than any other, including the ability to shape herself (and as far as I know she is still the only elf who has this ability). Timmain used her self-shaping abilities to find out more about the world and to understand it better. She changed herself into trees, birds, and basically probably almost any other animal you can think of. In the end she changed herself into a wolf and learned how to hunt from them. It was Timmain who was the main provider for the small group of Firstcomers, and they soon realised that she knew more about this world than they and chose her to be their leader. Their small group learned to survive, and then to flourish, with Timmain being the first to give birth to a child (a daughter), but after a few years the white colds grew worse and worse, and she changed herself into a wolf more and more often to hunt. In the end she would be gone for days on end, and when she returned to the elves she only did so to bring them her kills and immediately left again. The other elves were worried, especially since she seemed less Timmain and more wolf every time, but they couldn't prevent it and eventually she didn't return at all: she had all but forgotten about herself, or just preferred to be with the wolves. She wasn't entirely gone though: a few years later she turned up at the elves' camp, bringing them her half elf, half wolf son, whom the elves called Timmorn and who became their leader.
After she brought Timmorn to the elves, Timmain disappeared from the scene for about ten thousand years, and by Cutter's time no one knew any better or she was dead. She wasn't, however, she turned up again after the elf-troll war for the Palace, a small wolf of low status, and it was Suntop who first found out, in the Palace, that there was something weird with this wolf. She changed back into her original elfin form in front of the Wolfriders, who were stunned to see a legend become flesh.
Timmain spent only little time in her elfin form. She seemed distant and not entirely there, talking to the spirits of her friends more than to the living elves in front of her, but upon Cutter's question why they were here, she took them to the Scroll Room, where she let herself be put into wrapstuff to turn the Scroll of Colours, meanwhile talking through Suntop and telling the elves their history. Timmain spent the next three years in wrapstuff, communicating mainly with Rayek, but when he returned from Blue Mountain and destroyed the Go-Back lodge she changed back into a wolf (while still in wrapstuff, so outside of time!) and tore herself a way out, unable to cope with elf attacking elf. Since then she has been with the Wolfriders in wolf-form, though seemingly somewhat more aware of what she really is, and has looked after them and their wolves like a true mother.
Timmain spent half of the Shards war with Skywise in Ember's tribe, but when Aroree came to tell them that a living High One was needed to rebuild it, the two of them immediately went to Grohmul Djun's Citadel. There Timmain had a confrontation with Winnowill and changed herself into a half elf, half wolf form. Winnowill knew that she didn't stand a chance against Timmain while alive, so she convinced the Djun to kill her, which he did. Before she could do anything, however, Rayek drew her spirit into himself, both to protect her and to protect all other elves. Timmain then rebuilt the Palace and spends her time there together with Skywise.

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