Tribe: Wolfriders
Age: Around 530 years
Gender: Male
Soul name: Jial
Hair: Brown, straight and short. While he was younger, he always wore a green hat. He has developed face-fur, though it has restricted itself to short, barely noticeable sideburns.
Eyes: Brown
Lifemates: Tyleet (Recognized) and Dewshine
Relatives: Mother: Clearbrook, father: One-Eye, an unnamed (half?)sister
Wolf-friends: Bristlebrush, Scrabble
Status: Mortal, alive
Life history: Scouter is the Wolfrider with the sharpest eyes, always a source of pride for him. He is the son of One-Eye and Clearbrook and a few years younger than Cutter.
From an early age on Scouter has been love- and later lifemated to Dewshine, their relationship evolving from a playful attachment to a deep, loving bond. This bond was first tested in Blue Mountain, when Dewshine unexpectedly Recognized Tyldak, which made Dewshine doubt her Wolfriderness and made Scouter feel useless and left out. Eventually they came to terms with it when Scouter promised to be a father to Dewshine's child if Tyldak didn't want to be, and that he would love it no matter what, because it would be part of her.
When the Wolfriders first encountered the trolls of the Frozen Mountains, Scouter was seized and knocked unconscious, so he didn't know that his father was killed until it was told to him when he woke up. Scouter was devastated and fought the war in a frenzy of hatred against trolls, just like Clearbrook, until the two of them found One-Eye's body in Two-Edge's armour room, after which they calmed down somewhat.
After the war, Scouter had three years of peace during which Dewshine gave birth to her cub Windkin. When he was just one year old, however, Aroree was brought into the holt by Skywise, and in Windkin she saw an opportunity to leave Blue Mountain, so she snatched him. Dewshine, not prepared to give up her cub that easily, grabbed Aroree's hawk and flew along to Blue Mountain. Scouter, robbed of the two people dearest to him, had a characteristic fit of rage in which he attacked Skywise, blaming him for what had happened. He spent days brooding, also outraged at the fact that two people who didn't love Dewshine knew her soul name (Tyldak and Winnowill), whereas he didn't. Eventually Scouter, Clearbrook, Cutter and the two humans Nonna and Adar went into Blue Mountain and finally managed to defeat Winnowill and get Windkin back. Scouter and Dewshine's joy was tempered somewhat because their son had been tampered with, but eventually they accepted that what had happened couldn't be reversed, and Windkin seemed to be happy anyway.
Scouter and Dewshine didn't go with the other Wolfriders across the Vastdeep Water to answer the cry of help Suntop had heard, as they wanted to raise Windkin in peace. This meant that they ended up spending five hundred years in Sorrow's End because Rayek had flown the Palace into the future. After these five hundred years they joined the other Wolfriders in wrapsleep to await the Palace's return. When it finally did they had to wait another six years for Rayek to regain faith in himself, after which he brought Leetah and Suntop to Sorrow's End, the first so she could heal the many wounded left from the Go-Back's attack, the latter to stay there and receive Savah's training. Scouter, Dewshine and Mender came back with him, and Scouter and Dewshine took up their Wolfrider life again.
Pretty soon after they had arrived in Thorny Mountain Holt Scouter received a more precious gift than he could have imagined: he Recognized Tyleet so he would now finally become a true father himself. In his characteristic concern he was worrying about how Dewshine would take this, but Tyleet assured him (correctly) that she would be happy, and suggested that she'd tree with them. This was the start of the three-mating between Scouter, Dewshine and Tyleet. Tyleet, being herself, wasn't going to make Scouter's life any easier, however, by constantly putting herself into danger, first to learn the human language and after that to save her friend the woodcutter. Scouter again found a reason to blame Skywise for putting a loved one in danger, even though it was Tyleet herself who had asked Skywise to help her, but with the help of Aroree they were able to rescue her from the human mercenary who had caught Tyleet.
When Cutter split the tribe in preparation for the war with Grohmul Djun, Scouter, Dewshine and Tyleet went with Ember to find a new holt. There they found the shapechanged creatures that Winnowill had created, plus the mysterious new elf Teir, who seemed to attract the dangerous creatures. When Dewshine offered to bring Teir to the Master of the Shapechanged, she voluntarily gave her soul name to both Scouter and Tyleet, who returned the favour.
After the war, the three of them again went with Ember, to raise Tyleet's son Pool in Howling Rock Holt. Pool has the ability to sense shapechanged creatures, thus serving his tribe. When the elves were stalked and hunted by the human Lehrigen, Scouter challenged Ember because he thought she was putting the tribe and his family into too much danger. He won and became chief for a short while, until Ember later took the chieftainship back.

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