Tribe: Wolfriders
Age: About 25-30 years
Gender: Female
Soul name: Unrevealed
Hair: Fire-red, very wavy and long, hanging to the lower half of the back. As a child she had two little ponytails on either side of her head; since becoming a chieftess she wears part of her hair in the chief's lock.
Eyes: Blue-green
Lovemates: Mender, Teir
Relatives: Mother: Leetah, father: Cutter, brother: Suntop
Wolf-friends: Choplicker, Patch
Status: Mortal, alive
Life history: Ember is the twelfth chief of the Wolfriders, though her father Cutter is still chief himself as well. Ember was born together with her brother Suntop in Sorrow's End, causing quite a surprise among the elves, as no twins had ever been born to any of them before. Even though she was born in the Sun Village, Ember is all Wolfrider, and Cutter knew from very early on that she, and not Suntop, would lead the Wolfriders some day.
Ember is a total tomboy and very outspoken. She always thinks she has the right solution for things, and sometimes she is right too. Initially, Ember had trouble coming to terms with the fact that she had no magical abilities. In her eyes it were always the magic-users who got to do the fun things, for instance when Leetah and Suntop both went to Blue Mountain in order to try and break Winnowill's power, and Ember had to stay behind in the holt. Redlance helped her out a bit by letting her act as a chief, asking her where he had to build the traps and defenses around the holt. Ember was delighted when she went along with most of the tribe to seek out the elves whose cry for help Suntop had heard, but didn't expect to be swept 10,000 years into the future by Rayek. When it turned out that all the other Wolfriders were still alive she just went on with her life, not really able to comprehend what Cutter had gone through in all those years which he had spent waiting, and Cutter himself refused to share it with her because it was something no elf should go through. This situation often caused arguments between the two of them, because Cutter couldn't really let go of the cub he had had to miss for so long, while Ember felt like he was choking her.
Rayek had lost faith in himself because he had not been able to prevent the High Ones' accident and had therefore lost his powers, but after six years he had regained them and was able to fly the Palace again. This meant that Suntop could return to Sorrow's End, there to become Savah's pupil again, so she could teach him how to control and direct his mental powers. Leetah also had to go in order to heal all the elves who had been injured in the attack by the Go-Backs, and letting them be taken away again by Rayek was about the limit of what Cutter could take. He also couldn't come with them himself, afraid as he was that the wolf in him would tear Rayek's throat out. He therefore forbade Ember to go as well, even though she wanted to very much. In the end she went along anyway, at the last moment taking a giant leap on Choplicker, her wolf-friend, and landing on the receding 'runway' to the Palace. It was too late to stop her, so she had her way after all, leaving Cutter baffled.
Upon arrival in the Sun Village, Ember and Mender instantly took a liking to each other, even though with Mender this was initially because she was the daughter of the magnificent Cutter and Leetah, two people he had admired all his life, but never really had the chance to meet properly. Ember was angered at this, because at that time she perceived Cutter as someone who wouldn't grant her her freedom. She ran away from Mender and found, to her great dismay, that things in the Sun Village weren't as she remembered them from what was for her only six turns of the seasons ago. The little cave that she had so often visited wasn't there anymore, and though she believed it to be Ahdri's work, who was a rockshaper after all, Mender explained to her that it was the work of immense time. This finally made her realise how Cutter must have felt and helped a lot in clearing the air between them.
Ember returned to Thorny Mountain Holt together with Mender, and after the Palace had been destroyed, Cutter started drilling all the things a chief needs to know into her, preparing her for her own chieftainship. Ember didn't really realise this and was totally shocked when Cutter announced that he was going to split the tribe in half, one half to be led by him and the other half by Ember. She was to leave the holt and find a new place to live, in order to keep 'The Way' alive. Initially, she had quite some trouble living up to her role. Cutter had sent Skywise along with her as an advisor and Ember herself had chosen Moonshade for that role, but especially Moonshade was dissatisfied by Ember's choices and felt that Ember wasn't listening to her at all. Ember, at the same time, was second-guessing everything she did and couldn't stop comparing herself to Cutter. She grow into her role however, and Ember grew more confident, also solving the problem between her and Moonshade. The tribe found a new place to live, which Ember called Howling Rock Holt, because of the rock that looked like a wolf's head, and it was there that they met a mysterious stranger elf called Teir. Teir had the ability to imitate animals and call them to him, and though Skywise mistrusted him, everyone else liked him, especially Ember. Their new holt was not to remain peaceful, however. There were mutated creatures crawling all over the place, creatures that had been shaped by Winnowill during the 10,000 years she spent in the sea, and they were led by the Master of the Shapechanged. In the end the tribe together was able to kill the Master, but Teir lost his magical ability in the process. Though Ember loved him very much, it was his ability for calling animals that had called the creatures to them in the first place, so she gave him the choice: either be healed and leave, or stay and remain without special powers. Teir chose the first, resentful that Ember couldn't think of a third option, but promised to return someday. After the war with the Djun Ember briefly returned to her father, but she decided to return to Howling Rock with any who wished to follow her to get rid of the remaining mutated creatures. Cutter agreed that she should not untie her chief's lock and so Ember returned with Scouter, Dewshine, Tyleet, Mender, Pike, Krim and Yun. Teir did indeed return, and after initial competition with Mender seems to have won Ember's affections for definite, with Mender turning to Yun as a lovemate.

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