Tribe: Wolfriders
Age: Around 550 years
Gender: Female
Soul name: Twen
Hair: Honey-blonde, curly and hanging to halfway down the back. Her head is virtually always covered with a scarf.
Eyes: Amber
Lifemate: Redlance
Relatives: Mother: Brownberry, father: Longbranch, daughter: Tyleet
Wolf-friends: Woodshaver, Mudmuzzle
Status: Mortal, alive
Website: Nightfall's Denning Tree
Life history: Nightfall is one of the Wolfriders' main hunters, greatly skilled and cool in shooting animals, though ever true to the Way and never killing more than needed. In this she is still quite the opposite of her chosen lifemate Redlance though: Redlance very much enjoys tracking game, but prefers to let others make the kill, especially since his treeshaping skills emerged. Nightfall is a devoted supporter of Cutter, both because she respects him as a good chief and because he is a dear friend. She is also Leetah's closest friend, ever since the healer first healed Redlance, thus giving her back her lifemate.
Throughout her life, Nightfall has been the epitome of loyalty. When Father Tree Holt burnt down and the Wolfriders had to flee the forest, she kept supporting Redlance to the end, when he was too weak to be able to travel on, even though she knew it could mean her own death as well. Later on, in Sorrow's End, she defended Leetah against Moonshade's unfeeling remarks, feeling it necessary to stand up for her friend. She left together with most of the other Wolfriders to bring Suntop to Cutter, and was one of the tree who escaped abduction by the Chosen Eight, staying under water while the giant hawks picked up the others.
During the war with the trolls of the Frozen Mountains for the Palace, Nightfall fought along with the others, both out of a desire to find the Palace and out of revenge for the death of her wolf-friend Woodshaver, while Redlance stayed behind to guard the children. They both knew she could be killed, and in order to stay connected beyond death Nightfall freely gave her soul name to Redlance, taking into her own hands that which they had hoped would happen through Recognition. Upon her return, she found that the Go-Back lodge had been attacked, and that Redlance had completely withdrawn into himself due to the horrors he'd seen. She encouraged him to give her his own soul name, so she could wash away the experience.
Although they now knew each other's soul name, this didn't mean they were Recognized, and they still couldn't have a child. To achieve this, Nightfall called in the help of Leetah, who could 'force' their Recognition with her healing powers, thus making it possible for Redlance and Nightfall to conceive their daughter Tyleet, which made the friendship between Nightfall and Leetah even stronger. Leetah didn't see Tyleet until she was about five hundred years old though, as Leetah was swept into the future shortly after forcing Nightfall's Recognition.
During Cutter's long wait for the return of his lifemate, Nightfall and Redlance helped him out, ever encouraging him not to lose hope and offering to share their den with him so he wouldn't be alone. Their love probably played a great part in keeping him going.
Several years after the return of the Palace, when Cutter split the tribe, Nightfall and Redlance went with Ember to find a new holt, although there was little work for Redlance to do as far as treeshaping was concerned; Howling Rock Holt had little more than a few shrubs. Nightfall taught Ember the ways of the sword. After the war with Grohmul Djun Nightfall and Redlance returned with Cutter to the site of the original Father Tree Holt, there to establish a new holt.

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