Tribe: Go-Backs/Wolfriders
Age: About 500 years (?)
Gender: Female
Soul name: Unrevealed (none?)
Hair: Blond, straight and short. She wears a grey headband.
Eyes: Grey
Lovemate: Mender
Relatives: Father: Skywise
Status: Mortal, alive
Life history: Yun is the only known child of Skywise, though it is likely she has a few siblings. Yun was born to an unnamed Go-Back mother, and was most likely conceived on the eve of the war with the trolls. She lived with the Go-Backs until Kahvi returned (with Tyldak) from across the Vastdeep Water, but immediately joined Kahvi on her quest to steal the Little Palace from the Sun Villagers. This theft initially went fairly well, with Kahvi managing to get hold of the Little Palace, but then she was attacked by Chot, who had been instructed by Zey to do this. Zey had been chief during Kahvi's absence, and wasn't willing to give up his chieftainship. Kahvi fell off her giant hawk, although she was rescued by Tyldak, and Chot briefly had the Little Palace in his own hands. This was brief because Chot in turn was attacked by preservers, who spat wrapstuff in his face and caught the Little Palace when he dropped it. The preservers then gave it to Yun, urging her to to the right thing. Yun heeded their advice and returned the precious artifact to the Sun Villagers, after which she decided to stay there, to await the moment when Kahvi would be released from the wrapstuff that she had been put in to cool off. In the end it was Yun herself who did this, during the volcanic eruption and Go-Back attack that threatened the Sun Village, hoping that Kahvi would help her with the panicking Sun Villagers. She was very disappointed when Kahvi decided to seize the chance to steal the Little Palace undetected. Yun herself sided with the Sun Folk during the attack, wounding and being wounded by Chot, after which both were put into wrapstuff to await Leetah's return so they could be healed, as Mender's healing powers weren't strong enough.
Yun didn't meet her father until after the Shards war, but when she did she assured him that she only wanted to see him and didn't expect anything else from him. She joined Dart's band to rescue Windkin from the Forevergreen, and after the adventures there she chose to follow Ember's tribe when they returned to Howling Rock Holt and is adapting well to being a Wolfrider.

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