Tribe: Gliders
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Soul name: None
Hair: Unknown, he always wore a pointy hat.
Eyes: Unknown
Magic: Levitating
Lifemate: None
Relatives: None known
Status: Immortal, deceased
Life history: Kureel was one of the Chosen Eight, just like Aroree. Unlike Aroree, he had no sympathy whatsoever for the Wolfriders. This hatred started when Strongbow killed the giant hawk that was destined to be Kureel's bond-bird. Kureel detested the Wolfriders, seeing them as deteriorated beings. When Lord Voll was killed, he held the Wolfriders solely responsible. He also detested Aroree for wanting to relinquish the honour of being one of the Chosen Eight. When she was about to leave Blue Mountain he tried to stop her, but she critically wounded him. His cries for help to Winnowill stopped her from trapping the spirits of Savah and Suntop, which obviously didn't please her: she took her time in healing him.
After the collapse of Blue Mountain, Kureel was seething with anger about the downfall of his Lord Winnowill. He took revenge by letting his bond-bird grab both Dart and the human boy Geoki and dropping them again from a great height. For this, Strongbow killed Kureel. Kureel's story doesn't truly end here. Strongbow felt so guilty about killing another elf, something which hadn't ever happened in the elves' collective memory, that he couldn't hunt anymore, nor live in the Now of Wolf Thought. Ember's suggestion that he should ask Kureel for forgiveness turned out to be the solution. Kureel's spirit hardly remembered the way he died, and he easily forgave Strongbow, thus releasing him of his guilt.

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