Tribe: Sun Villagers/Wolfriders
Age: Around 600 years
Gender: Female
Soul name: None
Hair: Auburn, curly and hanging to halfway down her back. Part of is is caught up in a ponytail with a gold crescent. While living in the forest with the Wolfriders, she wore a leather strap around her head and all her hair was caught up in a ponytail.
Eyes: Green
Magic: Healing, flesh-shaping
Recognized Lifemate: Cutter
Relatives: Mother: Toorah, father: Sun Toucher, sister: Shenshen, daughter: Ember, son: Suntop
Status: Immortal, alive
Life history: Leetah was born in the sun village to the welcome sound of falling rain after a long period of drought. From before she was born it was known she would be a healer, and she even healed a scratch on Rayek's hand while still in Toorah's womb.
Leetah has always liked being in control of her life. She was frightened beyond reckoning during a solar eclipse because it wasn't something she could control, and even her father telling her it was completely harmless didn't help. Most of her six hundred years in Sorrow's End Leetah lived in complete peace; she was loved and cared for, and didn't believe anyone or anything could be deliberately harmful. During all this time, she was also continuously courted by Rayek, who took a far more serious approach to life and believed that the two of them, as the only ones with magic powers, should be together. Although she cared for him very much, Leetah found Rayek far too posessive and kept him dangling on.
Her peaceful and controlled life was severely disrupted with the arrival of the Wolfriders, and especially their chief Cutter. She found herself Recognized with him, and what was worse, she couldn't control it. Rayek too was outraged that the barbarian upstart dared to lay claim on his Leetah, and challenged Cutter to the Trial of Head, Hand and Heart. The choice was Leetah's: either Cutter or Rayek. She was unable to choose however, and the two rivals went through the entire Trial, with Cutter coming out as the winner, after which Rayek left the village. Leetah, true to form, acknowledged his victory, but stated that Cutter had not won her, but merely the right to court her. It wasn't until she relised that she wouldn't lose her freedom if she joined with Cutter that she could reconcile herself with her Recognition. This resulted in the twins Suntop and Ember, quite unique in them being twins.
Over the years Cutter and Leetah grew to love each other, but their quiet life was disrupted again when a small group of pathetic humans arrived at Sorrow's End. Cutter realised that the elves would never be safe from humans and decided to try and find other elves. Leetah chose to stay in the Sun Village, thinking the Sun Folk couldn't do without her and that she wouldn't have time to miss him. The first thing was true, but the second wasn't. When Savah's spirit was unable to return to her body and Suntop learned from her that something was threatening Cutter, Leetah was faced with the agonising choice of staying, or going with the Wolfriders and her children to the terrifying 'green growing place' in order to save her lifemate. She decided to leave, and the frightened reactions of the Sun villagers made her realise she had softened them by seeing to their every little pain; something which set her thinking.
When faced with Winnowill in Blue Mountain, Leetah discovered the other things a healer could be, something she thought about a lot during later adventures. Winnowill was eventually defeated and Suntop told Leetah that Winnowill needed a healing. Leetah attempted it, but Winnowill stepped off a ledge and almost fell to her death, which she preferred over being healed.
Leetah got her first taste of killing during the first fight with the Frozen Mountain trolls, when she had to save Ember from a troll: she threw her knife into his eye. While still getting to grips with dealing death rather than stopping it, she saw Cutter taking a mortal wound. They were saved by the Go-Backs, who regarded Leetah's healing abilities with the contempt they have for all things magic. Leetah set to work healing her lifemate, but his spirit was ready to die and she would have lost him if she hadn't received help from Rayek, who unexpectedly turned up in her life again. Together they were able to get Cutter healed.
Leetah joined the warriors in the war against the trolls for the Palace, as the Go-Backs realised that a healer could be useful after all. She stayed behind during the final battle though, fighting her own battle in trying to heal One-Eye. She managed to heal his body, but couldn't keep his spirit. The result of this finally made her realise that she shouldn't impose her own will on others, but always let them decide for themselves.
Three turns of the seasons later, Leetah was confronted with Winnowill again, and this time she eventually managed to start healing her, though with Blue Mountain collapsing around her she obviously couldn't finish it. She was unable to finish it later either, as Tyldak dropped Winnowill on a small island in the Vastdeep Water. Leetah went with the group across the Vastdeep Water in the Palace, and was unexpectedly swept ten thousand years into the future, separated from her lifemate Cutter. Rayek then took her away from her children as well, so she could finish her healing of Winnowill, who had been waiting in the sea all that time. Leetah pain-sent to Rayek, however, believing her beloved Cutter long dead and obviously blaming Rayek. She fell down through the roof of a human mercenary, whose daughter was dying of a sickness they called 'the rot' at the time. The mother saw Leetah heal herself from her fall and implored her to heal her daughter too, which Leetah did, unable to turn her back on such suffering. She was eventually found by Skywise and magically returned to the Palace by Rayek when he moved it to the sea. He took her to Winnowill after all, having temporarily hypnotised her, using Skywise as a bait to make Leetah follow him. Winnowill awoke, however, and turned on the three of them in outrage that Rayek brought the 'torturer' to her again, who had left her half-healed without the comfort of madness. She blasted them with giant waves and would have killed them, if Rayek and Venka hadn't stopped her, putting her in some sort of suspended animation. Skywise was saved by Aroree and Leetah by Zhantee, who couldn't stop the first wave that hit and wounded them, but managed to shield Leetah against the second one. When Leetah came to, she found herself looking into the eyes of the lifemate she thought long dead, and it gave her so much power that she was able to heal Cutter and herself and even Zhantee, though she wasn't even touching him.
Leetah didn't participate in the war with Grohmul Djun, going with Ember instead. She was forced by Ember to kill the Master of the Shapechanged, with the stranger Teir caught in the middle and his magic abilities were burnt out. Leetah healed him, but only under Ember's conditions that he leave after that, his abilities being too dangerous for the tribe. Leetah returned to her beloved Cutter after the war with the Djun, and together with their part of the tribe they returned to the site of Father Tree Holt to rebuild the holt there.

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