Tribe: Firstcomers
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Soul name: None(?)
Hair: Red-brown, wavy, hanging to just below the shoulders. He wore a gold headband with a blue jewel on the forehead.
Eyes: Green
Magic: Healing
Lifemate: None, though he would happily have lifemated with Timmain.
Relatives: None known
Status: Immortal, deceased
Life history: Aerth was a Firstcomer and member of the Circle of Nine; his task was to be their ears so they would know why they should go to a particular place. Aerth retained some of his healing powers after the Palace crashed on the World of Two Moons, but it was not enough to be able to heal Adya. Aerth had deep feelings for Timmain, and was most affected by the fact that she remained a wolf longer and longer. It was only after she and her pack chased him away from their den that he could accept that she was not coming back. It was also Aerth who first approached Timmorn when Timmain brought him to the elves. It is unknown how he died.

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