Tribe: Wolfriders
Age: Close to 1000 years
Gender: Male
Previous name: Oakroot
Soul name: Lhu
Hair: Originally brown, later grey. Part of it was gathered up in the chief's lock. Being a male Wolfrider of over 500 years, he had face-fur, in the form of a small, goatee-like beard.
Eyes: Orignally brown, later grey
Recognized lifemate: Stormlight
Relatives: Mother: Starflower, father: Freefoot, daughter: Goodtree
Status: Mortal, deceased
Life history: Tanner was the seventh and most gentle chief of the Wolfriders. He was originally called Oakroot because of his brown hair and eyes, and thought of himself as pretty mediocre and certainly not suited to being a chief, though he did accept the chieftainship.
Tanner was, as his name suggests, a tanner. He was obsessed with making leathers as supple as was possible, and tried all kinds of methods to do so. In the end it was pure chance that showed him the right method; Tanner had buried several hides under a tree, when that spot became a human (whom the elves later called Lift-Leg)'s favourite urinating place. Tanner discovered that this had made the hides more pliant and softer, and in this way were the Wolfriders' tanning skills perfected.
Tanner was over five hundred years old when he Recognized Stormlight, who was then barely fifteen. She initially fought it, having not even discovered her soul name yet, but eventually she gave in, which resulted in the birth of Goodtree. I do not know how Tanner died.

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