Tribe: Wolfriders
Age: Around 550
Gender: Male
Soul name: Tam
Hair: Pale blond, fairly straight, hanging to halfway down the back. Part of it is tied up in the chief's lock. Being a Wolfrider of more than five hundred years old, he has developed face-fur, in the form of long sideburns that grow across his cheeks.
Eyes: Blue
Recognized lifemate: Leetah
Relatives: Mother: Joyleaf, father: Bearclaw, daughter: Ember, son: Suntop
Wolf-friends: Nightrunner, Warfrost, Holdfast
Status: Mortal, alive
Website: Tam's Really Ingenious Band of Earthborn (TRIBE)
Life history: Cutter is the eleventh chief of the Wolfriders, often referred to as the Blood of Ten Chiefs. Cutter became chief while still an adolescent, losing both his parents shortly after each other because of Madcoil. Since then he has clearly shown to be a chief like no other before him. Rather than being afraid of changes, Cutter regards them with an open mind, always ready to take advantage of them if he thinks it's profitable. Cutter initially got a lot of help from his 'brother in all but blood' Skywise, who served as his advisor.
When the humans burned down the forest around Father Tree Holt, Cutter led his people into the troll caves, who then tricked him and his tribe into the burning waste. The tribe made it through the burning waste to Sorrow's End, where Cutter Recognized Leetah and fathered the twins Suntop and Ember, after initial struggle between him, Leetah and her suitor Rayek. After seven years of peace there a small group of humans reached Sorrow's end and Cutter realised that there was nowhere the elved could be safe from them. He then went off to seek out more elves in order to unite them against the common enemy: humans. His endless and restless searching for other elves earned him the name 'Cutter Kinseeker', first given to him by Two-Edge.
Cutter has always had a very strained relationship with Rayek. This started when they both vied for the attention of Leetah, who had Recognized Cutter, but who was both unwilling to let go of her friend of 600 years, Rayek, and unwilling to accept that Recognition was not something she could control. In the end, Leetah accepted that Recognition can't be denied by anyone, and she and Cutter joined, resulting in the twins Suntop and Ember. Over the years they started loving each other, and now there is virtually no stronger bond possible than the one between Cutter and Leetah.
Later on in life, Cutter nearly always opposed Rayek, though trying to stay reasonable and not resort to violence. This cost him dearly when Rayek decided to bring the Palace of the High Ones ten thousand years into the future, in spite of Cutter's objections, in order to prevent the accident that caused the High Ones to crash. Leetah, Skywise, Suntop and Ember were in the Palace at the time, and Cutter was thus robbed of his entire family. This event started his long wait, his tribe giving him the courage and will to stay alive and wait, living in hope. He managed this for about five hundred years, but then decided to be put in wrapstuff, not to be woken up until time had caught up and the Palace had returned. He would rather turn his back on the Way than live another day without Leetah. His entire tribe chose to join him in wrapsleep, both because they loved him and because he was the only chief who would be able to keep their tribe, which now included Sun Villagers, Go-Backs and a Glider as well, together. After a very long wait, their cocoons guarded by Picknose's trolls, Cutter was finally rejoined with his family. Rayek, who had not expected to see all the Wolfriders still alive, could not bring himself to merge the two palaces, and history as the elves knew it stayed as it was.
Cutter obviously couldn't forgive Rayek for what he had done, and it took a challenge in which he almost killed Rayek to let go of his hatred. He would have killed Rayek, who realised how much Cutter needed this, had Rayek not at the last moment thanked Cutter for raising his daughter Venka. This made Cutter realise that Rayek was capable of love after all and cleared the air between them, though they could still not get along very well.
When the Palace was destroyed and the shards collected by the human war-chief Grohmul Djun, Cutter chose to split his tribe in two; one half was to fight against the humans and recover the Palace pieces, the other half was to leave the Djun's lands and find a new holt, there to keep the Way and live like a Wolfrider should. This other half was led by his daughter Ember, who then became a chief in her own right.
Cutter and his part of the tribe managed to win the Shards war and rebuild the Palace, after which he chose to return to the site of Father Tree Holt to rebuild the Holt there, since Thorny Mountain Holt had been destroyed.

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