Rahnee the She-Wolf
Tribe: Wolfriders
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Soul name: Rahnee
Hair: Silver, rather fur-like and reaching the shoulders. Part of it was tied up in the chief's lock.
Eyes: Violet
Recognized lifemate: Zarhan Fastfire (many times over)
Relatives: Mother: Murrel, father: Timmorn Yellow-Eyes, son: Prey-Pacer
Status: Mortal, deceased
Life history: Rahnee was second chief of the Wolfriders and didn't really have a name until Zarhan revealed her true name Rahnee to her. Until then the tribe called her Timmorn's Daughter, Spearbearer and Firstchosen. Rahnee had a somewhat troubled personality, as she still had so much wolf-blood that the wolf and elf in her were constantly fighting, with Rahnee caught in between. Timmorn still thought her to be the strongest of his children though, and entrusted the tribe to her. Rahnee recognized Zarhan Fastfire, a pure-blooded elf, and bore many children with him.
Rahnee was presumed killed in an allo attack, after which her son Prunepit (Prey-Pacer) became chief, but in truth she was just severely wounded and rescued by four young elves of another tribe. She spent several years in their care while healing herself, in which time Zarhan left the Wolfriders to search for her. When he finally found her he waited until she would regain consciousness, hoping to recognize her again, but was devastated when Rahnee recognized someone else. It is not known what did kill Rahnee in the end.

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