Tribe: Wolfriders
Age: About 1200 to 1300 years
Gender: Male
Previous name: Birdcall
Soul name: Unrevealed
Hair: Blond, curly and short. Being a male Wolfrider of over 500 years he has face-fur, in the form of a full beard.
Eyes: Blue
Lifemates: Rillfisher (Recognized), Clearbrook
Relatives: Sister: Joyleaf, daughter: Dewshine
Wolf-friends: Lionskin, Scratchbark
Status: Mortal, alive
Life history: Treestump is the eldest Wolfrider still alive, and a thoroughly respected member of the tribe. He gained his current name after Bearclaw observed that he stood like an old treestump during a troll ambush, and it replaced his original name Birdcall, which reflected his skill at imitating birds.
Treestump has always been an example of loyalty. He rarely questions his chief's decisions and often acts as chief when Cutter is away. Treestump is an uncomplicated soul: he wishes peace and happiness, and will do anything he can to achieve these aims. He has always served his tribe to his best abilities. Treestump was Joyleaf's brother, and is therefore Cutter's uncle. He Recognized Rillfisher and together they parented Dewshine, enjoying a happy lifemating until Rillfisher, who had gone deaf, was killed by a falling branch which she hadn't heard breaking. Treestump then devoted his life to protecting his 'pretty cub' from all possible harm. He would have gladly done anything to take away Dewshine's grief in Blue Mountain, when she Recognized Tyldak, but could only helplessly watch. Three years later he could initially do little less, when she had grabbed the harness of Aroree's bond-bird when the Glider snatched away her cub Windkin. He spent his days whetting his sword to beyond razor sharpness while waiting for news of her, and was only consoled a little by Clearbrook's sympathy. Clearbrook knew what he was going through, as she had also lost her lifemate, as well as the daughter she once had, long ago. Clearbrook joined her chief in his attempt to rescue Dewshine and Windkin, and later Treestump went to the aid as well, though he could do little there. He was outside Blue Mountain when it collapsed, killing virtually all the Gliders within, and watched as all their spirits sought Rayek as their guide to the Palace. Clearbrook and Treestump observed that he would most likely go mad in doing this, so decided to go with him to keep him sane.
Once he had arrived there, Rayek found the power to fly the Palace once again, and flew it to the Wolfrider's Holt, where Clearbrook released One-Eye's spirit, finally having reconciled herself with his death. This was the start of the lifemating between Treestump and Clearbrook, who were drawn to each other because they understood each other's loss. Treestump had kept his distance until then, not wanting to interfere with the unresolved business between Clearbrook and One-Eye's spirit.
Treestump was among the group chosen to go across the Vastdeep Water to investigate the cry for help Suntop had heard, and spent the next five hundred years waiting for the Palace to return, after which he joined all the other Wolfriders in wrapsleep. After the Palace's return and subsequent destruction, Treestump helped in the war with Grohmul Djun to recover the shards, and afterwards joined Cutter to go back to the site of Father Tree Holt, there to found a new one.

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