Tribe: Wolfriders
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Soul name: Prye
Hair: Brown, slightly wavy and hanging just below the shoulders. He wore a decorated headband to keep his hair out of his face.
Eyes: Light green
Recognized lifemate: Hummer
Relatives: Sons: Sharpsight and Sprout
Status: Mortal, deceased
Life history: Buckthorn lived in Mantricker's time, and was an elf who was proud to be better at anything than any other elf. This irritated his tribesmate Hummer, who didn't think it was fair, so she learned to do everything just as well and better than he could do it. This led to many competitions between the two of them, often instigated by Mantricker and Longreach. Eventually Buckthorn and Hummer held a staring contest, and after staring into each other's eyes for two days and two nights the two of them Recognized. They learned to get along with each other after that.

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