Tribe: Wolfriders
Age: Around 550 to 600
Gender: Female
Soul name: Lree
Hair: Blonde, curly and short.
Eyes: Blue
Lifemates: Scouter and Tyleet, although she Recognized Tyldak.
Relatives: Mother: Rillfisher, father: Treestump, son: Windkin
Wolf-friends: Trollhammer, Squirrel Bane, Longshanks
Status: Mortal, alive
Website: Dewshine's Den
Life history: Dewshine is Cutter's cousin, her father Treestump being Joyleaf's brother. She is a few years younger than Cutter. She has spent the longest part of her life as Scouter's lovemate (later lifemate), though this relationship came under quite some strain while they were both still very young; when the Wolfriders were abducted to Blue Mountain, Dewshine Recognized Tyldak, much to the chagrin of both him and herself. Remembering Leetah's example, she fought it as long as she could, because she felt that she would somehow no longer be a Wolfrider if she joined with Tyldak. In the end it was Scouter's promise that he would be a father to her child, even if it wasn't really his, that made her give in to her Recognition. Her sorrows, however, were by no means over. Dewshine gave birth to Windkin in peace while the tribe lived in the Forbidden Grove, but when Windkin was still a baby he was abducted by Aroree, who saw him as a chance to leave Blue Moutain. Dewshine followed her cub by leaping up and grabbing the harness of Aroree's bond-bird. She would have escaped Blue Mountain with her cub, had Winnowill not used her soul name against her. Winnowill had learned Dewshine's soul name a few seasons before when Tyldak accidentally said it aloud just as Winnowill was approaching. The Wolfriders offered a trade of preservers against Dewshine and Windkin, but Winnowill only agreed on releasing Dewshine. Dewshine herself could not accept this and leapt back to Blue Moutain, though she could now no longer be with her cub. This gave Winnowill the opportunity to genetically alter his blood, thus making him immortal. In the end Winnowill was defeated and Windkin was returned to his mother. Dewshine and Scouter then chose to remain in Sorrow's End rather than to go on a new quest, and for the next five hundred years they raised him there in relative peace. Dewshine and Scouter both went into wrapsleep together with the other Wolfriders, however, and were only woken up when the palace returned.
After the return of the Palace they were finally reunited with their tribe, and when Scouter recognized Tyleet, Dewshine was happy for him rather than sad, and they decided to form a three-mating, raising Tyleet's child together. The three of them joined Ember in her search for a new holt, and when Dewshine went on a dangerous mission, she freely gave her soul name to both Scouter and Tyleet; quite significant considering her earlier experiences with Winnowill.
After the Shards war, the threesome decided to remain with Ember in order to rid the land of Winnowill's shapechanged creatures. Dewshine has a lovely singing voice and a talent for mimicking bird calls.

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