Sun Toucher
Tribe: Sun Villagers
Age: Around 11,000
Gender: Male
Soul name: Anatim
Hair: Unknown, his head is perpetually covered by a multicoloured cap.
Eyes: Blue-grey, though this may be a milky film that has developed over his eyes.
Magic: Deep-sensing
Recognized lifemate: Toorah
Relatives: Daughters: Leetah and Shenshen
Status: Immortal, alive
Life history: Sun Toucher is, after Savah, the most venerated person in Sorrow's End. He gained his name from his habit of continuously watching the sun, a habit which eventually cost him his sight. Although Leetah probably was powerful enough to restore it, he has never wanted her to, as the loss of his sight has been compensated with other gifts.
Sun Toucher's original name (and therefore possibly his soul name) is probably Anatim, as this is what Toorah called him when they Recognized. This Recognition resulted in the birth of Leetah, so that the village now had a true healer.
Sun Toucher has spent all his life in Sorrow's End, observing the sun's pattern and informing the villagers about things such as when to plant and harvest crops. He is also, next to Savah, a person to whom people turn with problems and questions, which he will always try to answer as best he can. It was Sun Toucher who tried to reason with the villagers when Leetah left to find Cutter, telling them they hadn't the right to hinder her or the Wolfriders.

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