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These are the drawings I have made over the past ten years or so. They are all copied (not traced) from existing pictures, which I initially did just to have some good pictures of all my favourite characters and later just to practise drawing. Copying helps you get a feel for proportions and such. If you prefer to see original drawings, then please check out my gallery of Rushwater Holt drawings.

Clearbrook with long hair. Colour version. Ember
Clearbrook with short hair. Colour version.
A fairly young Cutter.
A slightly older Cutter. Colour version.
Ember as a young child. Colour version.
A grown up Ember.
Joyleaf, just before she died. Colour version.
A close-up of Kahvi.
Another Kahvi. (No colour version yet.)
Leetah looking coy. Colour version.
Moonshade with hat. Colour version.
Nightfall. Colour version.
Petalwing, looking cute. Colour version.
Rayek as he was in the Sun Village. Colour version.
Rayek during his time with the Go-Backs.
Redlance looking mysterious. Colour version.
Strongbow in true scowling mode. (No colour version yet.)
Another Strongbow. Colour version.
Strongbow and Moonshade. NEW IMAGE!!!
Trinket in characteristic pose. (No colour version yet.)
Tyleet. Colour version.
Winnowill after the fall of Blue Mountain. Colour version.

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