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These are the drawings I made for Rushwater Holt, the online holt that I am a member of. These drawings are the first original art I've done, though I've still mainly limited myself to portraits. Recently I have started experimenting with more body in pictures and with different materials. You'll find a few examples here. If you want to comment on any of these pictures, please visit my Elfwood page, they're all on there as well.

Birchbark. New Birchbark. Crystal
Clearheart and Snowbird. Crystal.
Dampdawn. Dreamshadow.
Gentlestar. Gruffheart.
Highbelt. Latethaw.
Lonewolf. Lovemaker.
Rainpetal. Redmoon.
Rock. Rock - close-up.
Rock with face-fur. Shadowmoss.
Silkweed. Silverblade (Snowsoft).
Snakethrower. Snowbird.
Snowthorn. Soulseeker.
Stormhawk. Surefire.
Surewolf. Swiftsting.
Timberdust. Whisper.
Wise Elk. Woodshine.

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