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Hmm, to be quite honest, if you don't understand why I made a Shrine for Pippin, then there's probably little point in me trying to explain myself. Still, I'll give it a try.

First and foremost (in case it wasn't clear), this is not a Shrine to the Pippin Took of the book. That Pippin didn't do much for me; in fact, if anything I always liked Merry better. For those of you who are aquainted with my shallowness: yes, the reason for that was that I liked Merry's name better than Pippin's.
Anyway, I'm digressing. This is a shrine to Pippin as he is in Peter Jackson's brilliant movie, and it is therefore also an homage to Billy Boyd, who stole my heart right from the moment he appeared in the film the first time I went to see it. Possibly even before that, since I figured he looked rather cute on the posters as well. Billy, if you happen somehow to read this: Thank you. You made watching this film into something I lived and breathed rather than simply enjoyed a lot. I can't wait to see the next two.
So, what is it about Pippin? Geez, how can I explain? Firstly, he's dead cute. Any of you men who cringe when they are called cute: don't. I don't mean fluffy ducklings or ickle kittens kinda cute. To me, it implies a vague characteristic that can't be described as handsome (and no, if someone isn't handsome that doesn't automatically mean they're ugly), but which has me glued to the screen nonetheless. It's something that fixes a huge grin on my face which I couldn't remove if my life depended on it. So there.
Second, he has got some of the most brilliant lines in the movie. This is presumably mainly due to the script, but from what I gathered the actors themselves had a lot of input there as well, and a script doesn't come alive until the actor delivers the lines. If they'd cast Arnold Schwarzenegger as Pippin... Now there's a scary thought. I'll stop there.
Third, Billy Boyd is Scottish. I've always had this thing about Scotland. I studied in Edinburgh for a year, and it was wonderful. I've been on holiday there several times, and the Scottish landscape (especially the north west) is probably the most beautiful I've seen in my life so far. To top that off, Scottish accents melt me, and that's something I couldn't possibly explain. It'd be like trying to explain why I think red is a beautiful colour. I just do.
I'd say there are more reasons, but these are the only three I can put my finger on. Fact is that I haven't been this smitten with a character in a film since Atreyu in the Neverending Story, and that didn't count because I was only eleven at the time.

So why not an entire site? I hear you ask. Several reasons, really. First and foremost, there are already several sites devoted to either Billy Boyd, Pippin Took, or both. Anything I could do would be more of the same only with a different design, so what's the point? Links to these sites will be added to my links page whenever I get round to that (might be a while), so until then I'll stick to linking to Billy Boyd's Official Website. Another reason is the fact that I already have a full site devoted to something else, so it would be a bit much to create a second, separate site. Last but not least, I am currently (unfortunately) trying to cope with RSI, meaning that I can't spend too much time at the computer. Since I did want to show my appreciation of Billy's Pippin, I decided to stick with a little photographic shrine.
Oh, and if there's anyone out there who thinks this is all a load of tripe and Pippin was crap: that's your opinion. I have mine, and we're unlikely to sway each other from them, so there's no point in mailing me. Anyone else: comments are welcome, though I can't promise a reply. That's nothing personal, it's just me. I have a habit of forgetting to mail people back.
Enjoy the remaining two films, or go see the current one if you haven't already. Tolkien purists who are still upset about the absence of Tom Bombadil can go fly a kite, this is the best film I've ever seen.

Addendum: I have now been lucky enough to meet the man himself, and have had every opinion I had of him reinforced. He is the nicest man alive. Read the account here.

Erica, 7 January 2002.

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