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My short report on the I-Con Convention

Day 1 (Wednesday 17 April):

Bundled off boyfriend to Spain so can indulge in pervy hobbit-fancying in New York. Spent long hours waiting for it to get to 3pm so can leave. Not good for nerves. Caught train to London 3.21, arrived London 6pm. Took only 5 minutes to be reminded why I hate London.

Day 2 (Thursday 18 April)

Actors hugged: none. Bad start.
Got up 6am to get to airport. All went well, plane v. big. Wish I had window seat and having to fight urge to strangle people who do have window seats for closing their screen so can't see anything. Flight over with surprisingly fast, probably due to being able to watch Ocean's Eleven (again) and Gosford Park. Have been stuffed with food; beginning to wonder about American idea of 'light snack'.
Picked up from JFK by DiamondTook and mother. Expressed eternal gratitude with box of Cadbury chocolates. New York v. hot and had not expected that since can't work with Fahrenheit. Stupid Fahrenheit. Hotel ok, Manhattan not so bad, just like London only worse.
Met Cassieclaire's best pal Ashley and bonded. Go Ashwise! Met with Viggo and had photo taken with him. Suspect the start of a habit here. Viggo v. cool and sporting great Ewan McGregor hairdo. Extremely nice man, am v. impressed.
Went back to hotel, read until 8.30 and went to sleep (jet lag).

Day 3 (Friday 19 April)

Actors hugged: 1.
Woke up early, checked out, consulted excellent maps at hotel and made my way to Penn Station. Penn Station turns out to be underneath Madison Square Garden, whoah! Find Long Island Rail Road and buy myself ticket to Stoney Brook. Train not so bad, train journey pretty long. Am glad to have decided to change hotel at the last moment.
Arrived at Stoney Brook only to find that I-Con doesn't start until the evening. Took train back to Smithtown to go find Michigan gang at Econolodge. Smithtown station eerily empty, wandered towards restaurant and asked for directions. Restaurant people v. nice; called Econolodge and got directions, then called me a cab when they found out was walking. Gave me free drink too. Wonder if it's the accent?
Got to Econolodge without problems and met Michiganders. Cool people, good mindset. Hope they don't find me too quiet. Bundled into minivan thing at 4pm (ish) to go back to Manhattan. Viggo line not too long, having fun meeting bb.net people while waiting. Started to rain, but got to take shelter in phone booth and stayed pretty dry as downpour didn't start until after got into the building.
Viggo still v. nice with v. cool hairdo. Got free wine, classy! Was impressed by Viggo's ability to say 'good morning' in Dutch. Got pic taken with Viggo in classic 'arms around each other' pose. First actor hug, go me!
Bundled back into van and went to restaurant for bb.net meal. Met more people, went back to hotel and to bed.

Day 4 (Saturday 20 April):

Famous people hugged: 3. V. good.
Actors kissed: 1. Note to self: picked wrong actor, as Andreas Katsulas v. funny, but not so cute.
Got to cybercafe and met up with other bb.net people. Left after hour and a half to go see some generic I-Con stuff. Hooked up with Ashley. Got picture taken with stormtroopers.
Went to Billy's first Q&A session. Billy escorted in by stormtroopers, wow! Am so overwhelmed that I cannot take good picture. Stupid cameras. Billy looking v. scruffy and cute. Sigh.
Went to vending pit and met Jason Carter, squee! Jason still v. cute and really, really funny. Got autograph and picture taken. Second actor hug!
Met Pete Abrams from sluggy.com and got photo taken. Another famous person hug! Pete sent me on mission to introduce Billy to Sluggy, so took personalised leaflet with me for autograph session.
Spent long time in line, but it doesn't matter because Billy is the sweetest guy ever. Gave him Sluggy leaflet, but can't remember what he said to it. Can't really remember in general what he said to me. Must have been more nervous than I thought. Given him my gift, asked for a hug. Ashley squeals and forgets to take picture, so Billy has to hug me again. Decided to worship Ashley for the rest of my life.
Went to actors panel, which was a riot. Note to self: must get recording. Billy has the room in uproar with his favourite sound. Feel kinda flushed. Kissed Andreas Katsulas afterwards (on the cheek, I'm clean) in a spur of the moment thing because he was so funny.
Went to official hotel but didn't stay long. Went back to Econolodge and went to sleep.

Day 5 (Sunday 21 April):

Actors hugged: 1 (have to wean myself off).
Got up, went to I-Con, attended second Q&A session. Billy still v. scruffy and cute. And witty. Decided Billy is a God.
Went and got Andreas Katsulas' autograph and my last actor hug. Now have lots of pictures of me with famous people, go me! Got Andreas to sign my bag too. Saw Jason Carter start to pack up at vending pit autograph table, so rushed down and managed to get him to sign my bag as well. If Billy is a God, then Jason is at least a Demi-God. Saw Pete Abrams again and had him sign my bag too. Get the feeling I now have valuable bag. Well, to me it is.
Lined up for Billy again to get second autograph. Taken best ever picture of Billy, spent rest of the day looking at it. Am v. glad that batteries died after taking that picture and not before. Got hug from Stew too, yay!
Went to last bb.net dinner, said goodbye to everyone. Had drink with Michiganders afterwards and lots of fun. Went back to hotel and said goodbye to Michiganders as had to get up v. early next morning.

Day 6 (Monday 22 April):

Got up v early. Got cab to JFK airport, cabbie tried to kill me with his driving. Was v. glad to get out of that car. Flew home. Got picked up by boyfriend. Cried on boyfriend's shoulder. Am home. Stupid home. Sigh.

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